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Relationship Split Decision: Break Up Or Make Up

How do you know when it’s really all over?  Is it when one of you calls it quits?  Or, is there still hope even when someone has walked out?  This article will look at relationships – break up or make up.

There are numerous reasons that relationships break up.  Some of them are even good reasons.  For instance, if you are just leading your partner on, it is right to cut him or her loose.  If he or she isn’t trustworthy, that is a good reason for a break up.  Of course, sometimes people’s lives change and the partner no longer fits into the total picture, in which case, it is good to end the relationship.

So, when do you make up? 
There are two components to saving a relationship.  First of all, you have to both love each other.  But that alone is not enough to save relationships from breaking up.  For instance, partners of different religious faiths may love each other but find that love alone can’t bridge the difference in their outlook for the future.

You also have to be able to see a future together.  If you can’t see the person in your life in six months, you might as well separate now, even if you have a real bond of affection.  And, if this is a serious relationship and you can’t see yourself marrying your partner, you will be doing both of you a favor by calling it quits.

If you are going to make up, you need to reflect on the relationship’s break up.  Why did things go sour?  When you have identified the root causes of the split, you can begin to fix things.

It may take time to fix things.  While your ex may not be willing to jump back into bed with you, they might be willing to be friends and to work on the relationship.  In fact, after a relationship’s break up, you may not want to start right back where you left off.  Instead, take some time to rebuild the romance in your lives.

Here is some advice for people who are wondering whether to break up or make up.
1) First of all, listen more than you talk.  Don’t always try to explain your position.  Try to understand your ex’s.  Also, listen without planning a rebuttal.

2) Remember to do the things your ex likes.  If she likes it when you buy her flowers, get a dozen roses.  If he likes it when you go to his football scrimmages, go.  This shows that you pay attention to their wants and needs.

3) Show your ex that they are on your mind even when you are not around.  You can do this by calling or texting them.

4) Call each other by loving or pet names.  This brings exclusiveness to the relationship.

5) Try to have fun again.  Too many times, relationships become too serious.  “Communication” becomes paramount.  But, dating is supposed to be fun.  Try putting the serious issues aside from time to time and focus on enjoying each others company.

When it comes to relationships, break up is hard because you have invested so much in the other person.  Because of this, making up is sometimes the better answer.


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