Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Says Marriage Over After Being Booed At Billboard Awards ~ €“Is Both Superstars household Ruining Their Profession?"

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Says Marriage Over After Being Booed At Billboard Awards – Kim's Family Ruining Career?
Kim Kardashian's divorce is returned on – however this time it's Kanye West that is pushing to end the wedding, after his disastrous appearance at the 2015 Billboard track Awards. Kimye's marriage has been over for months, but the couple opted to keep the showmance alive as a result of they thought their Kimye brand turned into beneficial to each of their careers. youngsters, after Kanye West became well-nigh heckled off the Billboard music Awards stage on Sunday can also 17, he's significantly reconsidering their arrangement and his publicity group has recommended him it's time to sever ties from the Kardashians.
Kim Kardashian's little sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner took the stage on the Billboard Awards to introduce their brother-in-law Kanye. What turned into intended to be a artful publicity gimmick, turned in to a catastrophe. Any enthusiasts that have been basically in the audience that wanted to look Kanye function, have been absolutely turned off by means of the indisputable fact that the Jenner sisters have been introducing him. whereas Kendall and Kylie pushed through their speech and struggled to study the teleprompter – they had been loudly booed by the viewers. Then, so as to add insult to injury when Kanye took the stage, the pyrotechnics have been so excessive that the viewers may rarely see him in the course of the smoke, and viewers at home couldn't hear him either since the network bleep ed through the majority of his performance when you consider that the genius insisted on liberally lacing his music with the N word.
tomorrow – Kanye West became the laughing stock on the cyber web, and he's blaming it all on his "spouse" Kim Kardashian. obviously Kim complicated no control over her hubby being bleeped or very nearly smoked off the stage. however, Kanye blames her and her family for the indisputable fact that he turned into made a mockery on the web after the fact, and booed on stage. West reportedly believes that his followers are leaping ship because they hate Kim and her household – and his average approval rating and recognition is plummeting as a result of it, being booed on stage and laughed at on the internet is barely the icing on the cake.
An insider near Kanye's team dished to CDL, "Kanye sees the writing on the wall – he has a head for enterprise, and he is aware of that if no one can stand him, then nobody is going to buy his tune or his clothes. Between Kim's "Selfie" booklet, Bruce's transition, Kylie's affair with Tyga, and the leisure of the family unit's by no means ending drama – the Kardashian's are slowly killing Kanye's profession. His publicity team has told him that they could't do anything for him until he divorces his wife and severs ties from her family unit."
We hate agreeing with Kanye West, however he is definitely no longer wrong about his wife Kim Kardashian killing his profession. however, is a divorce in fact the answer? Kanye has made an ass of himself greater times than we can count number through the years – and Kim had nothing to do with it. It might be time to face the records, despite the fact that he weren't married to Kim Kardashian, Kanye nonetheless might be one of the crucial hated men in Hollywood. What do you believe? Is Kanye just the use of Kim as an excuse for the lack of affection he's receiving from enthusiasts? Will a divorce definitely aid his recognition enrich? let us know what you suppose in the feedback below!
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How Does turning out to be Up in New London affect Your chances of Getting Married?

turning out to be up in New London does impact your odds of marrying, based on an article within the manhattan instances.
overall, the information suggests that growing to be up in a liberal part of the country makes you about 10 percent aspects much less prone to get married, relative to the leisure of the country. growing up in a conservative part of the united states reportedly increases your chance of getting married.
"Spending childhood just about anyplace in blue the united states — mainly liberal bastions like big apple, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington — makes individuals about 10 percentage features much less likely to marry relative to the rest of the country," the record stated.
if you grew up in New London, you're 4 percentage features less likely to be married by using the age of 26.
For the state average, growing up in Connecticut makes you 6.6 percent elements less likely to get married by the age of 26.
The role Geography plays
"The statistics, which covers greater than 5 million people who moved as babies in the 1980s and Nineteen Nineties, suggests that infants who circulation from, say, Idaho to Chicago basically do turn into much less likely to marry, despite the fact that the numbers can't clarify precisely why these patterns exist," in line with the document.
The information analyzes a person's odds of being married by using the age of 26, besides the fact that children researchers found that the effect does not effectively prolong marriage. They found equivalent developments when these infants became 30.
"The areas that made marriage extra possible at 26 additionally tended to make it extra likely at age 30," according to the study. "The toddlers within the look at aren't yet old enough for conclusions beyond age 30. however the premier guess for now's that these changes aren't only about timing. little ones who develop in manhattan, amongst other areas, appear less prone to be married by way of 26, much less prone to be married by means of 30 and possibly less likely to marry at any aspect."
one more ingredient the examine identifies is the "Small-town impact", which suggests that less densely populated areas appear to promote marriage even after taking political affiliation into account. In ordinary, the Northeast discourages marriage in any respect salary stages.
To view the total study and get a extra complete look on the facts, read the article at the big apple times.

Jaimie Cura contributed to this report.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Amal Alamuddin Clooney Pregnant? George Clooney's spouse expecting A baby To keep Marriage From Impending Divorce?

George Clooney Amal Clooney (picture : Jason Merritt | Getty photos leisure )

Is Amal Alamuddin pregnant with George Clooney's infant?

Rumors flying round claimed that the couple were attempting to have a child for ages in an try to retailer their crumbling and afflicted marriage. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have best been married for three short months, however now they have got develop into the goal of lots of divorce or annulment experiences.

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The divorce rumors started when a lot of sources claimed that George Clooney was not a fan of his wife's controlling perspective, which had surfaced after their marriage ceremony in Venice ultimate yr. She forbade him from seeing a few of his shut chums comparable to Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford with out her presence.

He has also neglected a couple of different close pals as a result of his domineering better half, the reviews alleged. George Clooney's friends find Amal Alamuddin haughty who reportely talks right down to people, and now they also suppose snubbed with the aid of Clooney.

although, these rumors may be dispelled as Amal Alamuddin has allegedly been spotted with a baby bump.

George Clooney turned into smartly widely used for residing the bachelor tradition. then again, he has in the past cited that he wanted to have kids of his personal when the time became right.

In an interview he carried out with americans journal, George Clooney said his plans of wanting to have children at some point.

"I suppose or not it's the most accountable issue that you can do, to have kids. I think it's the biggest responsibility you are going to have, and it's no longer anything to be taken calmly, I don't have that element in me that says, 'need to do it.' I don't see myself ever having youngsters. but every thing in my existence has changed over periods of time ... and the area does exchange."

meanwhile, according to adequate! magazine, George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have always wanted to start a family unit.

"They spoke about children before they were even married and decided it changed into what they desired, as long because it might turn up naturally for them. They desired to birth sooner in preference to later," the insider published.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharing is Loving, Loving is sharing - Your Hopes, Fears and Dreams

Talking is one way to share thoughts and feelings between partners.  Research has shown that women actually talk more than men,  in fact about three times more in terms of the number of words.

This fact does not excuse men to from not talk.  It is the men who “clam up” and refuse to talk.  There are also cases where men who do more talking   than women, just as there are cases where it is the women who talk a lot  as well as those women who do not wish to talk a lot.  There is actually no clear cut or fool proof way to judge who should do more of the talking or who should do less.  It is primarily not about gender but about the individual themselves.

Communication is a vital part of any relationship.  Openness and honesty is a key ingredient to maintaining a kind of memorable relationship that is mutually loving and emotionally comfortable.

The following are tips and possible activities one can do to get yourself or your partner to talk his/her heart out, and share voluntarily any fears and insecurities that either feels.  Conversation helps partners form a solid bond that will not be easily eroded.

Ask and you shall receive
The best and simplest way to get a person to talk is by asking a question.

Often it is best that partners ask each these questions after hours they have been apart most of the day; after work or after a long business trip, etc.  But do not forget it is also important to ask sincerely looking straight into their eyes.  Ask how he or she is feeling or has he/she experienced something they want to share? Sometimes the partner may not want to talk. Relax, let it be and be patient.  Relationships are nurtured by respecting anothers decision - everything has its own proper time and place.  Do not force it.

Let him or her finish

A very annoying habit some partners have is finishing the other partner’s   sentences.  Though you may have good intentions, when you think you are helping, the fact is – doing so creates the impression that the partner is getting impatient  with the verbally challenged approach to sentence construction.  The partner being corrected could either find this act rude. 

Go with the flow.  Trust your partner’s judgment and verbal prowess.  He or she will thank you for it in the long run.

Stop, look and listen

The most important advice anyone could receive is irrelevant if the one receiving the advice is not listening.  They key to communication is in  listening just as much as it is in the talking.

One partner sometimes gets the other to talk by simply listening intently to what the other is saying.  This gives the impression that what the other is saying is important.  Verbal signals are just as important as non-verbal ones.  Active listening is a good practice any time.  It breaks down barriers and puts down any or all reservations one partner may have.  But do not just  listen, value what the other partner is saying.  All it really takes is an ear and a heart to validate anothers existence.

In summary, fears and insecurities are a part of everyone’s psyche.  All one has to do is to share it in order to lighten any emotional load he or she may be carrying.  But it is also similarly important that the one it is being shared with is listening and genuinely cares what the other is talking about.  Sharing makes everyone human and humane.  And it is a valuable gift that both women and men must cherish.
It is best if the partner asks his/her partner how the day went or how they feel.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Marriage: Share and Share Some More Until You Succeed

Most wives and husbands ultimately become mothers and  fathers.  These mothers and fathers and their children later turn to become families that form part of America’s ever growing communities.  Studies have shown that children strive to become the best they could possibly be if both parents are present to give support in all aspects of their children’s growth be it financial, psychological or emotional.

There are many possible results if a couple fail to share responsibility, support, decisions and commitment to each other and to their children.  One is the most dreaded but is a highly popular option now-a-days.

The D word

Divorce is not a very kind word.  Every year, there are almost a million children in America who experience their parents go through the messy process of divorce.   According to studies, half of these children will become adults who have grown up in homes raised by a single parent. 

Marriage is a solid institution that conveys the importance of a long-term commitment between two mutually loving adults.  However, this is usually not the case in most current relationships.  But there are those children who overcome such odds and later become positive contributing community members. 

Prevention is always better than the cure

One way to prevent the onset of this dreaded D word is that both parents should work on how each partner will get to share on making important decisions,  from where the child will be schooled, how,  the kind of religion (if any) parents would like their children to practice, type of health care, kinds of activities, etc. 

The decision on what to choose is as important as who makes them and how.  Couples must agree and later on come to a mutually beneficial and positive decision that will ultimately benefit the children.

Oddly however,  the cure after a divorce has happened is also the same thing as the prevention.   Parents should just as well work positively together and share decisions.  The negative impact of the separation must, as much as possible, have minimal effect on how the children conduct themselves in the long term.

When an agreement cannot be reached

Oftentimes, couples who separate cannot come to an agreement as to what and how is the best way to decide on issues involving their children or on their finances, etc.  Usually, both  partners take each other up as adversaries.  Confrontation usually is the result of such a mindset.  Obviously, this further prevents each from cooperating in the best method possible to serve the children’s interest.

Practice responsible parenthood

The only way to make the best out of a relationship is to practice sharing.  Two people who decide to become as one entity will further enhance the value of their union as well as each other if they share house work obligations and responsibilities that they may have  to their children as well as to each other.  With the current statistics reflecting that thirty percent of children born in the United States are from parents that are unmarried,  people who are thinking of embarking in a relationship will do best if they are aware of the obligations that marriage entails. 

Doing so saves the couple as well as their eventual children from the financial, psychological and emotional anxiety / anguish or problems that separation or divorce may bring.

Currently, there are programs geared towards youth and adolescents – the future decision-makers of the country – that teach them to be aware on how and what is their level of maturity and commitment to their partners as well as themselves.  They are also educated on the aspects of marriage and how it is to raise a child.  These programs also evaluate its participants as to how ready or not ready individuals are in committing to such an important decision.

Thankfully, US schools currently have a curriculum that instruct its young students on what are the various aspects of  how it is to be a parent, this covers emotional, legal as well as financial responsibilities.

All in all, a relationship is called as such because two people are in it.  It is also best and just as practical that these two partners work together on their differences and share each other’s emotional high’s, low’s as well as responsibilities that would lend support on the whole relationship.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

M & M: Money and Marriage

Contrary to popular belief, love of money is not the root of all evil, lack of money is. This issue is a major concern of most married couples today.  Believe it or not, eighty percent of divorces are the result of disagreements over money.  Though money and marriage may not be good topics to talk about together, the fact is -- marriages cannot go on without money; while money, fortunately or unfortunately, can very well exist on its own. 

The following are tips to improve marriage especially when money and finances are involved.
Learn each other’s spending styles

A couple is composed of two individuals with varying likes, dislikes and preferences, with differing financial lifestyles – e.g., one is a big spender while the other is a spendthrift; one is an impulsive buyer while the other likes to think things through; one prefers to deal with money matters now while the other wants to think about it over night.  These differences could cause friction and fights if the disparity is not appropriately resolved. 

It is best if a couple finds positive and creative ways to use each other’s unique styles to serve the interest of the marriage as well as their bank accounts.  Different does not have to mean conflict and a clash of methods in saving and spending.

Differences are varying ways of approaching problems and opportunities to solve these problems and using these opportunities to the best advantage.  

Spend on values

Couples must take the time and effort to get to know the values they would like to prioritize.  Values such as financial stability, companionship, freedom from debt, etc. are a few examples.  Partners should define these values and determine which are most valuable to them. 

Sharing details about each other’s financial capabilities and in-capabilities is essential.

It is important that couples mutually agree on what it is they want to focus on and from there decide how best to serve each other’s emotional wants and financial needs.

Have dates, will discuss

Money matters during dates used to be a no-no.  But now, discussing money issues during dates is a practical and wise decision.  It is a “no-frills” way to maintain honesty and transparency.  Conflicts may or may not be avoided during these discussions. The important thing is that disagreements must not in any way be the dominant factor in your relationship. 

Talk about sharing financial responsibilities.  Decide how much you must spend and on “what, which and how”. This could be a great way to settle differences, if there are any, and could even improve a couple’s relationship, especially after each has found out how open the other would be in handling finances.

Divide and conquer

Partners must distribute financial responsibilities to each other.  Their decisions should be based more on one another’s capabilities, means and interests than on outdated stereotypes based on gender.  A man was to bring “home the bacon” and the woman was to stay in the house to take care of the children. This scenario may or may not work in this day and age unless a couple finds this particular style actually is best for them.  What is important is that a couple’s uniqueness shines through and the financial lifestyle they decide on works best to their family’s advantage.

Share any events, especially financial ones with each other as well as make sure that important decisions are discussed and mutually agreed upon with the best interest of each other in mind.

Plan it then spend it

There are couples who plan what they spend i.e. budget. There are also couples who spend and then plan later.  The former is preferred over the latter.  Although it could feel a bit restraining, the value of planning ahead enables couples to know what they need more than what they want.  Planning also enhances a couple’s creativity as it forces them to think of innovative and often better ways to cover expenses that they have.  Planning also increases the chance of saving and decreases their spending.  This ensures their long-term enjoyment in their financial future.

Money and marriage should not be a source of conflict unless couples make it that.  All it takes is honesty, openness and genuine respect for each other’s capabilities to make money and marriage work.  And if couples wish it so, it will be. 

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