Nov 13, 2018

Ten Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Jealousy, mistrust, apathy, selfishness, poor communication, abuse, irreconcilable differences -- the reasons relationships fail are many -- And all too often the remedies for an ailing romance are few. While no sure-fire solution exists to guarantee that you and yours will make it last forever, relationship experts say that your chances at finding lasting romance are good if you avoid the "Ten Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships".

The Top Ten Mistakes Are:

1. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces.

Sometimes women can get so hung up over what a man has -- and what he dosen't have -- that they often miss out on a wonderful relationship. Women don't have their priorities straight on their good man wish list -- they tend to lead-off with superficial characteristics, which they think a man should have, like; a gorgeous face and body of a "God" -- and in the process eliminate the all right looking men who -- if you gave them half a chance, could be absolutely good to and for you.

Of course, there is recognizing a good man in spite of whether or not he's the sexy like Idris Elba -- and an equally attractive bank account -- And then there is settling for something altogether less than the best, just for the sake of having a mate. Majority of women, when they are with their girlfriends or group -- they seem to have this "Unspoken Code" -- which says they have to be with someone because that's what everyone expects (and often leads many women to date the wrong men).

As a relationship expert myself, I have continue to notice that, there is such a frenzy to have a relationship -- to have a man on your arms -- to meet this unspoken code -- that women fail to look at the signs that say "This May Not Be the Best Person for Me".

Another mistake is, looking for love in men who are strictly off-limits. Women who knowingly and readily date married or committed men should prepare themselves for many a night, weekends and holidays alone; Because, his primary relationship will come first. Even if he tells you that you're the one he really wants to be with; But, in many cases (he'll never let go of his main squeeze). However, on the off chance that he does leave his wife or girlfriend -- how could you possibly trust him to remain faithful to you!" Something to think about.

Some women also do themselves a serious disservice by developing fatal attraction -- desiring a man so badly -- that they do practically anything to get him and keep him, either committing acts that compromise their values and lorals or wasting their time pining away for a man who isn't the least bit interested in them. Like the movie which shares the same name "Fatal Attraction" --and you know how that ended (Badly) of course!

Never, carry a torch for that man -- who neither wants you nor deserves you -- And as a women you have to make choices in your relationship that will give you a level of dignity or live to regret your decision.

2. Having a Savior Complex.

So he drinks, smokes, swears, doesn't like church or children -- and nibbles on his fingers. But that's okay, because once I get with him "He'll Change" -- the famous last words spoken by women -- once they realize all the kisses in the world won't make a prince out of a frog. Women say; " I knew He Had a Drinking Problem, But I Could Fix Him". This is a mistake women make -- in coning themselves into thinking they can correct whatever undesirable characteristic are present in their mate. "I Can Fix Another Person". Women have to get over the idea -- they can fix everything that's wrong.

No matter how much a woman wishes, begs, cajoles or threatens a man to conform to her vision of perfection -- he won't change unless he wants to change. If he's comfortable with the way he is -- well, you should be too. Otherwise, save yourself years of frustration and kiss your froggie-good-bye.

3. Suffering from the Cinderella Syndrome.

The evil twin of the Savior Complex is the Cinderella Syndrome. Too many women are waiting for a rich, handsome and generous prince to sweep them off their feet and whisk them away from all their financial and emotional problems to a happily ever after -- while they expect to do little or nothing for him in return. Guess What? No upscale man in his right mind would make a commitment to a gold-digger or a an emotionally needy woman -- who only sees him as a means to a selfish end.

4. Giving It Up Too Quickly (SEX). 

Another big mistake women often make -- is giving up the key to their bodies, hearts, apartments and finances to a man without even getting to know his real intentions for the relationship. "A Lot of Women Fly Beyond Intimacy and Straight Into Sex"; It's like the body has just taken over -- and they don't really know this man. They don't know his value, what his needs are, how he copes and thinks... (only time will tell wheather that man is in it for the long haul) so be patient. Until then, access to your heart, your body, your finances and your personal business should be restricted.

5. Making Lust, Not Love.

Another mistake many women make in relationships -- is equating sex with love and intimacy. While sex can be a means for two people to express the love they have for each other -- it's also can be an end unto itself. Unfortunately, some women still believe that if a man sleeps with them -- it means he loves them, which is not always the case. Sex and intimacy are not at all synonymous.

We know people sexually, but we don't know them intimately. Men and Women don't take the time to get to know what a partner really needs -- what a partner really wants to feel comfortable, to feel safe -- which explains why when something is going bad -- most are at a loss what to do, how to do, and when to do... (intimacy can take many non-sexual forms). It can mean cuddling -- or just telling that special someone "I Love You".

6. Lugging Old Baggage.

Expecting your current 'beau' to mess up, cheat on you -- or abandon you because that's what your ex-husband -- all your old ex-boyfriends -- or your father did is unfair and sets the stage for trouble in paradise. Everyone deserves to start off a relationship with a clean slate -- without the expectation of failure. Majority of relationship experts agree that -- judging your man based on the bad actions of others (lays the groundwork for a relationship built on doubt, insecurity and mistrust). The law of the land says 'All People' (including men) "Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty" -- so don't try to convict and hang him before he does something wrong.

Democracy should not end on your doorstep.

7. Shouting and Pouting.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Even the sweetest woman can turn sour -- whe sufficiently provoked. Tell the truth? How many stories have you seapped with girlfriends about the nice little things you said -- or did to your significant other after he wronged you in some way, shape or form? And you must admit that some of those tales are downright frightening. Listen, there's nothing wrong with getting angry or even arguing; In, fact, it's healthy! Holding anger inside -- only allows it to fester until it erupts in self-destructive ways. Women should control their anger -- And not let it control them.

8. Disrespecting Him.

Whatever you care to call it (dissin, putting in check, low-rating, fronting-off, downing) all the names stand for is 'Disrepect'. Majority of men complained about -- that they get no respect from the workplace -- from society, even from the women in their lives. Men say; We're not affirmed. We're not looked at at as positive, as powerful. We're not looked at as men. We're looked at as cheaters, we can't be trusted... every negative.

If women and men are to engage in healthy, loving union; Mutual respect is a must. Women have to find effective, loving and affirming ways of getting their point across to their men. If, a man does something displeasing to a woman; She should wait until she's cooled off -- then privately discuss it with him -- which means not in front of his "Buddies" or her "Girlfriends". And what they discuss between them... should stay between them. Anger should never give a woman a license for disrespect.

9. Accepting Abusive Behavior.

Respecting a man doesn't mean a woman has to be his doormat. No matter how handsome he looks, how important he is, and how many bouquets of roses he sends to you after one of his "episodes"; Under no circumstances should you put up with either physical or emotional abuse. Bumps abd bruises heal -- yet emotional scares may last a life-time. Women should neither make excuses for his abuse nor believe that something they did or said is to blame for his violence. It's okay to still love your mates -- (yet leave them when their safety and peace of mind becomes jeopardized. Better to be alone and alive).

10. Losing Yourself.

Women often find themselves in relationships that are so self-absorbing -- that they no longer have time for family, friends or themselves. When men and women start relationships with each other, they both mat shut-off ties with everyone else "They unrealistically tend to believe that this person is going to fulfill every need we have." He says; "He's going to be my lover, my best friend, I can talk to him about anything." Is it fair that the boyfriend -- or the spouse, should fulfill all those needs, all of those roles?

Also, some women love their men to death. This good intentioned women spends practically every minute of her time doting over hime -- attending to his every need -- spoiling him rotten. Listen closely "Women Must Learn to Love Themselves First!" When you do this -- it gives you space to love your partner.


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Nov 5, 2018

The Danger Of Online Dating; Be Safe And Know What Troubles Might Exist Before Joining A Dating Website

Are you aware of the danger of on-line dating? If you response is "no"! do not fret. The reality is many people don't realize that online dating websites do have a dangerous side to them that is not as extensively discussed, as it ought to be. Besides if you're going to one of those internet dating services with the hopes of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right you need to know the illegal task that can and also does occur. These threats of on-line dating websites consist of --yet are not restricted to: scams, privacy and also safety, stalking, identity theft, exposure to offensive pictures and scamming.

Fraudulence can accompany an on the internet dating site that is a complete scam from the start. Commonly this entails taking an individuals cash without giving the services they spent for or anticipated from the online dating service. It can also occur between individuals that have actually made an on-line connection if there is a transfer of funds from one participant to the other.

Personal privacy and also security problems occur with online dating sites when the personal privacy of people that have joined to make use of the Internet dating website is launched or gone against. Safety and security concerns can happen of the dating service allows non listed members the chance or means to see the exclusive information of registered customers.

Stalking is a problem both offline and also online yet it can be compounded by an online dating website if an individual becomes cyberstalked or pestered by a person they originally believed was going to become a romantic companion, possible life companion or true love.

I'm sure you're currently familiar with identity theft. The truth is clear--when somebody ends up being a target of identification theft constantly. On-line dating sites could expose its members to the possibility of identity theft if the dating website is hacked or if it discloses too much personal info between authorized members. Constantly make sure you protect any personal info you don't desire released by not disclosing it on an online dating website registration forum.

One major trouble that has actually proliferated with the surge of on-line dating sites and services is the abundance of offensive material that can be discovered online. There are numerous forms of salacious product from nude images of registered members to the more perverse as well as twisted material, which is way too obscene to discuss in this short article.

The last threat of on the internet dating includes the control of details where signed up members lie concerning their age, gender as well as various other personal details with the hopes of scamming another signed up online dating participant.

In order to counter that many risks of online dating always guard your info, take it slow, develop a true online partnership first as well as always approach each person you meet with an online dating website with care as you never know if they are trying a rip-off of some types.


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Nov 2, 2018

Are You Unwittingly Dating a Married Man?

A family man from Long Island, NY recently made headlines when he was arrested for posing an U.S. marshal to get dates. Married for 17 years with 2 teenaged youngsters, this guy utilized a web chatroom called Long Island Over 40, to lure at least 11 women into relationships under the pretense of being a single man. One woman also conceived with his kid. Had he not been posing a UNITED STATE marshall, his dating duplicity may have never ever been revealed.

Dating Deception is Typical

Regrettably, dating deception is all too  typical. Married men often masquerade as single guys. Although there are web sites particularly for married men who intend to cheat, numerous cheating partners troll chat rooms as well as online dating sites trying to find single females on whom to prey. It's not simply online; this dating deceptiveness happens in offline locations also. A surprising number of the guys you meet at clubs, bars, house parties and in other social setups, are married-- not single, as they claim to be. If you're a single lady looking for a dedicated partner, the last thing you want is to find out is that you're dating a married man that's unfaithful on his other half.

Signs You're Dating a Married Man

With so much deceptiveness taking place, single females need all the help they can -- when it comes to identifying a married man that wants to play games. The 6 indications listed below are things you you need to reconize "You Could Be Dating a Married Man." It gives guidelines on exactly how to tell the phony bachelors from the truly single males.

o He only provides you his telephone cell number -- so you can't call him in your home.

o He calls you at weird times - in the morning or in the "Wee hrs" of the evening.

o He's not available on weekends, holidays, or other times when his wife could be about.

o He's overly deceptive concerning his friends and family.

o He rejects to provide you his residence address or inform you specifically where he lives.

o When he opens his wallet to pay the check, you spot a family members picture with wife and kids.

By recognizing as well as avoiding married men the dating pool, you can stay clear of unneeded headaches and heartaches. These are just a few simple guidelines you can arm yourself with -- to weed out the Fake married men, acting like their single.


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Nov 1, 2018

Too Many Break Ups

While in the midst of a series of break ups, people see them as eternal and feel as though nothing will ever change. The sensation may cause one to question if they have made the right decision.

An important thing to remember is patterns shift without warning. One might begin questioning if they have gone through too many break ups following their most recent one.

This sensation will be heightened if several have occurred within a short period of time. Spotting warning signs of a concerning trend may signify a deeper issue. Identifying them becomes critical before making any changes.

Addicted to the New

Some people crave new relationships and will end a relationship to experience something new. Those pursuing novelty may not even realize the pattern in their behavior. Let's look at some reasons the new might appeal to a person.

* Fresh Stories: After hearing repeated tales from the same person, the seeker will get to hear things they never have. A new teller might even spice up similar stories which have grown stale.

* Loss of Interest: Those entranced by originality may tune out of the relationship when things grow familiar. With this lack, they seek something to spice things up.

* Opportunity for Reinvention: Sometimes they also might wish to change their own narrative. As with their partner, telling one's history grows tedious for themselves as well. They can embellish new things when they retell it to someone different.

Lacking Growth

Someone who chronically bails from the couple could believe they have reached the zenith of the relationship. Like with the quest for the new, they feel the next person possesses the correct key to unlock all their potential. A sad truth is the individual responsible for their stagnation is often not the other person. Rarely does the person ending things repeatedly have the courage to address the deeper truth. Connected to this viewpoint is how the person uses their romantic partners for their own end. Rather than embracing who they want to become and pursing the goal, they look for another person to fill the hole within themselves.

Afraid of What's Next

Being too scared to move deeper into a committed relationship is a common problem for those who chronically terminate relationships. Most of the greatest concerns facing the couple prove more imagined than real. Commitment allows for deeper growth. Love becomes richer when couples display vulnerability with one another. One of the sad truths is such a level can only be achieved by those who remain together and unafraid of what the future holds for them.

One of the most important things to remember is too many break ups does not denote a number. A person can have a single relationship end causing them to surrender their hope of finding someone they love and who loves them. Also, the only time the number is too many is after finding the right person. Be aware of the reasons for each break up, do not fall into an unhealthy pattern and trust in the possibility of love.


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Oct 23, 2018

Keeping Partners Happy In the Relationship

Relationship happiness challenges every couple and grows only more so the longer couples remain together. It goes beyond flowers at Valentine's Day and a sweet card on the anniversary. Knowing one's partner is critical followed closely by avoiding the temptation of self interest. Let's see some key missteps and wins in keeping partners happy.

Self Happiness Temptation

The person's tastes and preferences one knows the best is their own. When making decisions in a relationship, they can have a hard time putting aside what they prefer in favor of their partner. What causes these choices to be wrong?

* They ask for a change the partner is not willing to make -- either because they do not want or are not ready to make.

* They seek to establish a level of commitment for one's own security in the relationship.

* They cast the individual in a light not fitting who they really are causing them to feel a deep discomfort.

* They call into question the reason for the relationship if they do not meet unspoken expectations.

Early on, these sorts of things can be talked out because couples are getting to know each other. The amount of information they do not have far outweighs what they possess. Trouble occurs when it continues to happen because then a partner begins feeling they are not being heard.

What Makes Them Happy

A few simple rules exist to discover what makes another person feel happy in a relationship. If they are simple, people think everyone gains access and follows through in every instance. Because of such an unfortunate misconception coupled with a person's natural desire to follow their own self interest, partners need to interrogate and investigate what they are doing.

Ask: Often simply asking a partner will give the clearest indication the aspects of relationships bringing them the most joy. Bear in mind, this might change because people often blind themselves to what they really want. People also need to feel safe enough to be able to give voice to their desires in a relationship.

Watch: People will do things pointing to just what makes them happy. Do they say they need time alone and then linger in the same room with questions? They could be asking for the contact or time. Maybe they produce something creative and need the nurturing safety of the relationship.

Hear: As with everything, we all long to be heard, sometimes even the words. A partner who lived in a tumultuous house growing up may struggle with expressing how deeply they care. By being exposed to their history, one can pick out bits of their story coming through in what they do and positively impact them when they are opening up.

Happiness Connection

There are two people in the relationship, so happiness is not based on a single side. Pursing only one person's bliss will create a lack of balance. Why would this be bad? It provides a place of hiding. By being shielded, couples may become close without any opportunity for deeper connection. This means communicating, exploring activities together and fostering inclusion. This should be reciprocated because happiness should be both people's goal.

Think of a relationship as a tree. Rarely, does anyone ask if a tree is happy. Fortunately, everyone knows when it is happy because it is healthy, strong and growing. A relationship where both partners flourish, feel heard and laugh together stretches its root deep into the ground and hold fast for years to come.


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Sep 15, 2018

The Hazard of Happiness from Others

A sensation of happiness arise from countless sources like a fresh baked cookie from a parent, a great nap on a rainy day or the ideal word from the most important person in one's life. While not bad in and of themselves, only seeking happiness from others leads to numerous complications. Romantic relationships relying solely on one another for any form of validation bring even greater issues. Understanding the reasons why this viewpoint is bad for the other person, the individual and the relationship as a whole must be understood before spotting red flag this reliance has crept into the relationship already.

Reasons It Is Bad for Them:

People, even the best and most given ones, do not save other people. Placing someone in a position where they must sustain an emotional well with the potential of never being completely filled asks too much of them. This multifaceted person transforms into a conduit of the desired thing: Happiness. Consider how two dimensional it makes them. When the transition happens, then little concern arises for their needs. They stop being someone and becomes something.

Reasons It Is Bad for You:

No one has ever grown, found satisfying love or even a good friend by focusing on getting something from another person. Even in scenarios where a quid pro quo exists, the transactional nature poisons one's ability to focus on sacrificially caring for the other person because you are not invested in them and their happiness. Outside of the relationship and the other person, it becomes harder to grow and experience things on your own due to having this great person who is there just to make you happy.

Reasons It Is Bad for the Relationship:

Think about a spider's web. No matter how large the spider or intricate their web, no one has ever witnessed them catching a bird. Relationships are similarly fragile and sticky. If one person becomes selfish and claims the lion's share of anything, the balance gets thrown off and everything falls down. Also, it is easy for this to become a pattern without anyone realizing. When this happens, it becomes much harder to break the cycle and move forward. Both people must seek the other's happiness and revel in the joy they receive from being with the other person.

Red Flags of Happiness Dominance:

Some signs might peek around the corners letting one know this already exists. Let's look at these concerns.

* Swinging Up and Down: Responding overly up or down when receiving happiness from one's partner may demonstrate and overly charged link. Variations should exist in one's emotions, but it becomes troubling when tied to a specific person and their behaviors or responses.

* Running Off Fear: Fear within in a relationships is like fast food for the body. It can be a good short term solution, but things operate poorly in such an environment. If one only feels the acidic tang on fear when not receiving happiness from their partner, the cycle may have started.

* Rudderlessness: A withdrawal of overall happiness when not supplied by one's partner might create a sensation of being lost. The best way to identify this is when everything else seems to running well and yet not knowing where to go, what to do or how one feels overwhelms everything else.

Some of the greatest joy one can feel is in caring for another person and receiving the care in return. Watch for a growing sense of selfishness and be quick to talk to each other. This can be difficult for either individual because the temptation to say this is how love is supposed to be displayed. Healthy boundaries mean not siphoning off another person or letting them use you for their benefit. Be partners and love one another well.


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Sep 11, 2018

$ Pitfalls of Trying to Buy Love $

Movies create the expectation with enough money one can have whatever they want. While this may appear true in a capitalistic society where it seems everything is for sale, the capturing of another person's heart refuses to fall into this category. One needs to avoid the temptation because of false expectations, lack of validity and subtle forms of this behavior place more than a bank account at risk. They weave into a single chain designed to yank the truth of love out of the hands of the person so desperate for its caress.

Unsustainable False Expectations:

Love has always been uncontrollable. When someone starts a relationship using their resources to sweep the other person off their feet, a standard is set. Imagine meeting someone who speaks with a flawless accent causing everything they say to drip with honey. After a short time, their partner hears them speaking on the phone with a family member and not using an accent at all. Is this a terrible betrayal? In the grand scheme of things, not really, but it creates a sense of creeping doubt about other things. The same can occur with trying to buy the love of someone.

Also, life is far too unstable to use money or status to impress another person. Markets turn. Businesses fold. And sometimes spent accounts may not regenerate. Think of someone who relies heavily on their appearance and never stretches to increase their level of intellect or compassion. They eventually have to seek where their true value lies. Same for the person who sees monetary support as the only thing they bring to the table.

Knowing the Truth:

The fragility of love means everyone questions how it all fits together. Inherit in this is why the person they are with loves them. When using money to charm another person, the doubt and questions swirl higher and higher like a windstorm ready to tear everything apart.

It might seem this is only a problem for the one spending on their partner. The one being wooed in this manner does have questions lurking in the background of their mind as well. They will wonder why this person behaves the way they do. Doubt will creep into their hearts as to what their true value when they are unable to respond in kind. This creates a pressure which could snap the relationship in two.

Sneaky Ways It Can Happen:

The funny thing about the arrangement is the subtle the forms it may take. Rarely, if ever, does one person write a giant check and purchase the other person's heart. Considered in that light, the prospect sounds like something from a cartoon. But seeing more realistic ways the dynamic plays out shows how anyone is capable regardless of their age, sex and financial standing fall into the trap.

* Gift Shower: Near endless presents for a variety of reasons or no reason at all.

* Paying Debts: Offering or even paying for credit cards, living expenses or traffic tickets without the presence of a strong commitment to moving forward says to the other person "I'm taking care of you" in a possessive way.

* Covering the Check: While chivalrousness at the beginning, couples growing closer begin sharing entertainment and dining costs. Continuing or doing more falls closer to a purchase of love rather than building a partnership.

Love is complicated in the best relationships. With that said, true love is never bought and paid for. Anyone practicing this form of relational building is only getting the portion of the other person's heart by renting time, attention and possibly their affection. Love must grow in the open air by taking care of the other person, investing in them and giving things from a place of genuine care for them. This grants real love a chance moving forward.


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Ten Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Jealousy, mistrust, apathy, selfishness, poor communication, abuse, irreconcilable differences -- the reasons relationships fail are many -...