How to Ask Marriage Counseling Questions

Many people are very intimidated to seek out the help of a therapist. One of the reasons for this intimidation is that they don't know what to expect. That is why I have created this article; to let you know some common marriage counseling questions that you will be asked.

As humans, we have a tendency to not question the things that should be questioned. For example, you might not really have taken the time to get to the bottom of what the problem is in your marriage.

Most of us think that we have, but we really haven't. We only see the outward manifestation of the bigger problem. For example, chances are you aren't going ballistic every time your husband leaves the toilet seat up just because that is such a big issue.

More than likely your reaction is more basic, more primal. Every time he leaves the toilet seat up you view it as a lack of consideration for you and your feelings. This perceived lack of consideration that you sense from your husband is the real issue, not the toilet seat. Make sense?

That is what the marriage counseling questions are all about. It is imperative that the counselor get to the bottom of the problems, the real issues. If you don't really know what it is yourself, how can you tell the counselor and how can they help you work on it?

So, here are some commonly asked questions that many counselors will ask you and your spouse to answer in your own words:

1. What are the problems or issues that made you decide to go to counseling? This question will be asked of both partners. If you listen you may just be amazed at how different your perceptions of the problems in your marriage and your spouses perceptions of the problems are.

This will provide the therapist with a place to start. They will know what each of you see as the problem as well as see where the two of you are diverging in your opinions of what the problems are.

2. Which one of these issues do you see as the most important? This will allow the counselor to figure out what you consider to be the most difficult issue to overcome. This knowledge will make it easier for them to focus in on those issues.

Instead of spending a lot of time wondering around in the dark, the counselor will have a much better idea of what each of you see as the issue's that are tearing your marriage apart.

Once they know where to focus their attention, they may be able to help you start finding possible solutions much more quickly.

Now that you know what common questions you are likely to be asked by your therapist, you can take some time to think about the issues in more depth.

Doing that will make it easier for you to accurately answer the questions when the counselor asks them. That can save you all a little time.

So, take some time and figure out how you would answer these common marriage counseling questions now.


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