First Year Anniversary Gifts; What Should I Give?

When it comes to choosing first year anniversary gifts you can go the  traditional or the non traditional route, the choice is yours. The traditional one year anniversary gift is something made of paper. The non traditional one year anniversary gift is a clock or other time piece.

Of course, these traditional and non traditional  first year anniversary gifts are just suggestions. Not only do you not have to take them literally, you don't have to follow them at all.

But, if nothing else, using these traditional and non traditional gift ideas may provide you with a good starting point in your gift giving hunt.

The most important thing to always keep in mind is that you want the happy couple to really get a lot out of whatever gift you choose.

It's important to consider the tastes of the two people who will be receiving the gift. If the couple is very conservative or a little more "out there" keep that in mind when choosing a gift.

Another tip is to remember that even though you may well be closer to one of the spouses than the other, you still need to pick out a gift that is likely to appeal to both of them equally. This can be a challenge if you know one of them well but hardly know the other one at all.

If you are stumped, ask around. Surely you have mutual acquaintances who are more familiar with both of them rather than just one of them.

So, if you have decided to go the traditional route and give a gift of paper, what exactly should you give?

Well, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. How about a book, or a subscription to a magazine that you know they would be interested in? Maybe two subscriptions, one for each of them.

Of course you could also give them stationary but don't do that just to stay with the theme. If they don't actually write many letters or notes, and not too many people do anymore, giving them such a gift will mostly be a waste. Again, think of them and their lives and what they like to do when choosing a gift.

2. You know what else is made of paper? Money. Some people will think that giving money is a tacky gift, and if you are of the same camp, then don't do it.

But, since money is paper and since paper is the traditional one year anniversary gift and since many couples could really use some money I say why not?

3. One last idea; another cool thing that is made out of paper are tickets. Airline tickets, sporting event tickets, concert tickets, etc. Finding some tickets to some event that you know the couple would like, may be a great gift idea too.

Showing a couple how happy you are for them and their happy marriage is one of life's little joys. Don't turn it into a hassle by stressing over what are the best first year anniversary gifts. They will love whatever you give them as long as it's from the heart! Click here for anniversary ideas


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