Marriage and Insecurities: A Matter of building Confidence

Love is the primary reason why a man and a woman decide to get married. Before their marriage, life seems like a dream because of love. And after marriage, it is love that will give them the strength to hold on to each other so that those dreams will become a reality.

However, some couples tend to lose the love that they once shared just because of some deceitful qualities that they have acquired, one of which is insecurity.

Insecurity is one of the most devastating tools that will destroy a happy marriage. Once a person feels he or she is not “good enough” to handle the responsibilities in marriage, the assurance that marriage will last will only fail.

Most people suffer from insecurity at some time, but it is never healthy in any relationship, especially in marriage.

There may be many reasons why a person has insecurities. However, it should be resolved even before they decide to marry. This is because people with very low self-esteem can never make their marriages work out.

In fact, recent studies show that because of insecurity and the fear of not being able to cope with the responsibilities of a married life, the numbers of couples who do not get married are increasing at a constant rate. They reason that it would be easier to leave when they think that they are not capable of making the relationship work than if they were married and had to get a divorce.

The many kinds of anxiety that affect people in marriage can feed such insecurity. The only antidote is for the spouse to build confidence by giving recognition to their partner.

Some people are excellent at burying their insecurities, but this should not be the case in marriage. Everybody needs some appraisal and appreciation for everything that they do in the relationship. They need to hear that they are loved without any conditions.

Lack of confidence holds some people back from seeking out the ways to make their marriage work. It is important for every spouse to make their partners believe in their own abilities by praising them more often and by giving them the love and affection that they deserve.

Once insecurities are eased, marriage will definitely last. Keep in mind that insecurity may not be absolutely eliminated but by praise, reassurance, and open communication, the marriage will be successful.

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