How to Make your Spouse Feel Special for Your Marriage to Last

Love is hemmed in by many marvelous things.

Love in marriage is a voluntary commitment of one’s self. It is a special feeling that no one can ever explain, and yet, it empowers the whole life of a person.

Certainly, if you love someone, you always want to make that special someone feel good about himself or herself. In marriage, it is also important for a person to make his or her spouse feel special in order to make the marriage last.

This is crucial if you do not want to be like the two million couples who end up in divorce every year. In fact, surveys show that almost 20% of married couples have the tendency to file for a divorce in the course of their first ten years of marriage.

So what is the problem here?

One of the main reasons is that some married couples have the propensity to have insecurities because they no longer feel the same “royalty treatment” that their partners had previously given them.

The only solution is to make your spouse feel the same love and affection that you have had from the time that you first laid your eyes on him or her. Make him or her fell special once more and keep that love burning so that your marriage will last.

Here is how:

1. Make spouse feel that you love him (or her) because you accept him as what he is, and not because of the things that surrounds him.

2. Never cease or fail to say, “I love you,” and be sincere when saying it.

Almost 20% of the married couples who end up in divorce contend that one of the reasons why they lost the love that they used to have is because they failed to make the other person feel and hear their love each other.

Love should be more than words but it is still important to hear what you feel for your spouse.

3. Rendering some simple appreciations for the things that your spouse does is important.

The point that your other half knows that every effort that he or she makes is deeply appreciated is more than enough to make him (or her) special.

To be loved and to feel that you are loved are two different things. The first one is truth. The second one is an effective means of making your spouse feel that truth. It is on how one tries to make the other feel special and loved so that their marriage will last.

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