Being Merry in Marriage

Many couples enter marriage with fairytale hopes "and they live happily ever after" fantasy. But in reality, it takes so much more than a stylish wedding dress and an expensive wedding ring to end up “happily ever after”.

Staying fulfilled in a marriage requires both effort and passion pf each partner. Many couples start to lose passion after their honeymoon, and this should not be the case. Here is some advice on how to stay happy in the sacred union of souls.

1) Don't rely on assumptions and expectations
There is nothing wrong with making assumptions and expectations, however, bear in mind that many times, assumptions stay as assumptions and expectations are hard to meet. Remember that marriage is the acceptance of a person for who he/she is. Marriages are decayed by hurt brought about by lofty expectations. There's nothing wrong with cutting each other some slack whenever expectations are not met.

2) Express yourself
There's nothing wrong in saying "I love you." People go about their daily lives without noticing how seldom they say "I love you" to the persons they love. When people are young, they wait for a long time to say these three words to someone. Do not hesitate to use the three little words “I love you!”.

Asking for forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do. Saying "I'm sorry" is often as seldom said as "I love you." Saying sorry relieves tension for both parties and keeps the communication line open and unclouded by resentment or hatred.

Giving a compliment to your partner every day would brighten your relationship and give it an overall positive feeling. A simple "you look wonderful, honey" would really mean a lot.

4) Keep the fire burning
No one will argue that an active sex life will help keep a happy marriage. When couples openly talk about preferences and dislikes, it helps them bond in making love. Being a little playful and creative in love making may also make a difference.

5) Don't forget yourself
A person cannot love another if he/she cannot love himself/herself. Self-pampering and spending time alone once in a while is a healthy practice inside a relationship. Having time for oneself gives a person a chance to reflect and think of ways to be better inside the relationship.

Being happy in marriage takes effort from the couple but it should not be stripped of its fun. As the song goes, "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." Be merry in marriage!

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