The One Lie That Kills Every Relationship

Everyone tells lies sometimes. (We’re human, after all.)

Especially in relationships.

Sure, plenty are harmless, little white lies told with the best intentions (“No honey, of course your butt doesn’t look big in those jeans” comes to mind…).

But some lies are so big, so pervasive, so utterly destructive, that they can completely sabotage relationships between even the most compatible couples.

So what IS the one Lie that kills every relationship?
  • Is it claiming to be committed and monogamous when you’re really not?
  • Is it keeping secrets about the past (your number of exes, a past marriage perhaps)?
  • Is it pretending to like the same things – even believe the same way about fundamental matters (like finances and faith) – when you actually don’t?
  • Is it saying “I love you” when you’re really not sure?
All really good guesses, but according to world-renowned relationship expert Paige Parker, none of these is the correct answer.

In fact, the #1 Lie isn’t even told by the man or woman involved in the relationship.
It’s a lie that’s pulled over on all of us… BY SOCIETY.

A complete and total un-truth perpetuated by Hollywood; One most of us buy into hook, line, and sinker as early on in life as our first dating experience.

So what IS this lie and how is it sabotaging your chances at finding “The One” and having the loving, passionate, healthy, committed relationship you deserve?

Check out this mind-blowing video by Paige herself that exposes this deadly lie…and then tells you how to change your mind set in two easy steps so you can finally have true love.

Click here to watch the video
This video could come down at any time….So if you’re tired of being alone or blindly suffering through one unfulfilling relationship after another, stop what you’re doing and click on this link right now.

Article by Paige Parker (relationship expert)

Note: This video is geared toward helping women find a man of their dreams; But in my opinion Men should watch this video also too... to at least get an insight on what women are truly looking for in a man.

Click here to watch the video


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