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Responding to Discouraging Family and Friends When Considering Mending Your Relationship

Returning to an ex brings a variety of responses from close family and friends. They often quickly insert their opinions, even when not been requested. One needs to proceed with caution in dealing with loved ones seeking to share their concerns and be protective. Because of the delicate nature, it become imperative to understand why they act the way they do, how one should absorb their words and actions and then how to move forward.

Why they do it?

Though hard to believe, family and friends seeking to intervene one's return to an ex have the best of intentions. Their behavior makes witnessing their kindness as with a bit of selfishness. This makes understand their motivations infinitely more important.

* Best Interests: Especially post a bad break up, they likely saw the fallout of the ending of the relationship. Factors, major like infidelity or benign like general disrespect, can cause them throw themselves into the breach, even without being asked. Keeping their love in mind will…

When Love Burns You, Reestablishing Trust in the Relationship

Trust can be the strongest element in a relationship. It is a barrier against the challenges presented by the outside world seeking to destroy a couple. What happens when trust is damaged? Can it be shored up or even reconstructed? The short answer is yes. The longer answer centers around the difficult process requiring honesty, open communication and diligence in forging a trusting bond. One needs to walk the hard path to get back to where they belong.

Speaking the Truth:

Trust lives in an environment of honesty. Regardless of how good or bad a relationship ended, each person needs to be truthful about everything. Honesty should not be used as a club to bend the other person to the will of the other. The past, present and future depends on being careful and using important keys to build trust.

* Accurately Address Things: Couching things or overly editing clouds the message.

* Watch How the Message Is Delivered: Tone conveys a great deal when speaking. Being too soft or stern may blunt …

Finding the Good Side of Jealousy and Understanding Each Emotion

People tend to categorize things into binary sides of a page. Doing so means they need to expend less effort in decoding how they feel, understand the impact a decision may have or judge the response of others to their actions. This behavior exists in several areas, not the least of which is emotions. Ask people to come up with lists of good and bad feelings and the common denominators will form. On the bad side of the page, emotions like anger, covetousness and jealousy will likely be in the top three.

Understanding each emotion contains a wide range of reasons for its existence. Looking back over time, not every expression of anger proved to be negative. Even jealousy provides positives aspects within a relationship. One needs to be open to the exploration of what they feel to see how jealousy can be channeled in a beneficial direction. Let's see three up sides of jealousy.

Jealousy as a Fence:

Being attuned to the indications of jealous demonstrates healthy boundaries within a p…