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Royal Treatment Begets Royal Results

While men strive to appear to the outward world as unflinching heroes, their armor falls away exposing them for the creatures they truly are. Most men long to be respected, given space to not let stress consume them and then reflect those same things back upon the one they love. Taking this approach can be challenging as it means placing trust in the eventual outcome. Often the rewards far outweigh the effort.

Stepping to Royalty

Relationships and moving within them operate within a paradigm giving the impression of ease. As with most things, the nuances of these steps require far more energy than first expected.

* Listen to What He Says and Does Not Say: Everyone, even those who turn out to be the most guarded, end up disclosing exactly what they want. Taking note of what is being shared gives a window into the other person's heart. Unfortunately, the window is often opaque requiring occasional questions to make sure things are on the right track.

* Time with Other Guys: Encouraging…