Dec 24, 2017

Giving Him What He Needs

Every person requires specific things within their relationships to help them to flourish. Sometimes individuals find knowing or articulating these needs more difficult than imagined.

For someone on the outside, it becomes easier to see the valleys requiring the most attention. This clears the way for them to respond accordingly. Men present specific areas where their partner proves able to buoy them into a higher level.

Physical Intimacy

Men respond in a particular way to physicality. The impression of men always craving sex turns out to be rooted in their response to physical closeness. While proximity does not always lead to sex, it grows harder as couples become closer to extricate one from the other. Caution should be used, especially early on, when walking into this territory because of the confusion generated by too closely tying sex to every single form of contact.

What To Do: Start with small touches in areas that are sweet without being overly intimate. The neck, upper arms and back are good areas to begin with. Also, letting him touch you in return creates a bond beyond the hours of conversation you have.

Room to Grow

Men need to feel the sensation of being able to roam. In most situations, the sensation is enough. They are not looking to stray or even leave the security of the relationship. The idea of being able to move about pursing things at their own pace allows a natural sense of wanderlust to be slacked.

What To Do: Urge him to take nights or weekends with his friends. Through this small act, he will return excited to be back in your presence once more. It is also best to let him share what he wants to rather than pursing a bunch of details.

Emotional Closeness

Similar to the physicality, men crave the knowledge their partner longs to be close with them emotionally. They may not express such things at the beginning because of the risk involved. Men need to feel they are in a safe place with someone who has supported them. In this space, they become able to disclose the depth of what they are feeling.

What To Do: Start slow and model emotional sharing. Men, though sometimes emotionally unaware, know surrendering the things they feel to their partner feels good. They often have not been encouraged in this are, so you have to take on that role.

Encouragement and Respect

Everyone requires a pat on the back from time to time. Men often fail to absorb these expressions of care either because they do not believe they need it or they have received too little of it to activate them properly. Too often it is assumed men subsist fine without these things. A lack of familiarity should never be confused with life being satisfactory without their partner's encouragement and respect.

What To Do: Repeat yourself until your partner genuinely accepts what is being said. A careful examination of expressions and responses might be necessary to verify he does not push them aside without taking them into his heart.

Several of these things sound simple and they often begin in such a way. Taking the time, giving freely and being grateful as the relationship deepens demonstrates how important these areas are. We all impact one another. A garden may begin small and then flourish into a rich and varied verdant valley. Go slow, see the growth and revel in the ways you and your partner grow closer. You will be glad you did.

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