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Ways to Communicate Love

Sharing an intense feeling, such as love, requires several things. This comes as a surprise to most people because the idea of communicating their affection for someone revolves around lessons learned during awkward teenage years while referring to romantic comedies for all the best upgrades. Unfortunately, these are not time tested or honored methods for presenting one's true feelings. Paying attention to a few things, doing them well and utilizing targeted approaches grant a window into the impact of love on an individual's life.

General Guides

While anytime should be right eliciting passion, a heartfelt connection flourishes better under certain parameters. People need to cultivate the setting and this means being aware of the basics.

The Right Time: Though a tricky concept, selecting the right time with a matching location aids in good communication. A noisy restaurant or bar during a busy time when shouting is necessary to be heard creates an unnecessary struggle. Also, be …

Apologize with Impact

Everyone makes mistakes in a relationship. It is easy to allay blame for aspects of a disagreement or misunderstanding. The greatest challenge facing many relationships is not how they weather the rough waters, but how they navigate into the harbor of forgiveness. Apologies make continuation possible and knowing how to apologize allows relationships, even troubled ones, to grow into sweeter and more rewarding endeavors.

The Structure

Thinking two words will encapsulate the entire need for resolution dilutes damage done by wronging someone. Partners must feel valued, heard and understood. The traditional apology only brings restoration of a relationship one step closer. It does not exist on an island. Let's look at the steps in apologizing.

1. "I'm sorry" - These words must be said because they get the ball rolling. Traditionally, even the smallest children who have to apologize know it starts with saying they are sorry. This opens the door to discussion of what happene…

Facing an Ex Encounter

Bumping into an ex stirs a variety of emotions, so knowing the right way to proceed may appear to be like unlocking the programming of a super computer. The good news is most of the ways to respond means a person escapes unscathed. In several situations, the experience provides beneficial insight into the individual, the past relationship and growth moving forward.

General Facts

Knowing a few things about the encounter will permit a deeper understanding before acting. Often the urge to respond races ahead of reasoning, so recalling the basics can be a great practice in settling into a calmer state of mind.

* They were caught off guard too: Though easy to take a myopic view, understanding everything being felt by one party is, most likely, being felt by the other as well.

* Accept the situation: Acknowledging the fact the event happened can minimize the pressure.

* Keep it simple: A short conversation benefits everyone because there is not time for awkwardness in what is said or the silenc…

Rolling with Relational Changes

If asked, couples would say they prefer not to struggle with the ups and downs necessitated by life. Life, frozen in time, proves to be no kind of life worth living. With that said, the prospect of dealing with changes in a relationship stirs fear. Even the strongest couples find stopping any pending change impossible, but they can weather it while flourishing.

Attitude Makes a Difference

Being aware of the inevitable nature of change can be the first step in accepting its impact. A couple possessing a healthy attitude about life's variances will stand united against all the things threatening to tear them apart. Most people believe a positive outlook provides nothing to the outcome. However, studies show those believing they will will come out the other side whole when going into a difficult situation have a greater likelihood of succeeding.

Working Together

Supporting one another gives couples another advantage as change buffets them. By being a team, no one feels as though they m…

Critical Concerns for Opening Dates

Several comedians state most of the early dates occur between a couple's representatives. While a humorous assessment, this should not be a stealth operation to pose as something other than oneself. People need to be aware of possible pitfalls to avoid accidentally hurting the other person's feelings and hampering a future relationship with a potential partner. Taking basics into account may ease things in the right direction.


Restaurants can be tricky for initial meetings. Individual tastes and atmosphere create either a lovely setting or a maelstrom. As a rule, select a quiet and reputable location with a wide variety of dining options. It is also wise to ask questions of the person's tastes and food allergies.

Outdoor settings can be excellent for spring, early summer and fall dates. Some cities or towns have gatherings of food trucks, art fairs and concerts. The casual nature of these events permits couples to pick and chose activities, find an out of the way pl…

Expressions of Love for Your Partner

Receiving love proves challenging for numerous people. In some cases, they may actively block the sentimental expression or a particular way of hearing they are loved may not resonate with them. What does that mean for the partner seeking to shower their loved one with the deep truth of how big an impact they are? Here are a few ideas, some large and others small, to capture the elusive feeling of adoration one feels for a partner.

Be Appreciative: Hearing how their gestures impact your life helps them know you are paying attention. Far too often, a multitude of kindnesses go ignore building up resentment. Even better, expressing gratitude for who they are, their impact on your life and all the ways the day is better with them emphasizes the depth of your love. Saying thank you seems small, but it pays huge dividends.

The Gift of Time: In our society, people never have time for one another. We rush from one thing to another, look to mark things off our to do list and remain connected to…

Five Pillars of Healthy Relationships

Ask any architect, educator or psychiatric professional the basis of producing anything of quality able to stand the test of time and they will point toward a strong foundation as the initial criteria. Without a solid foundation, nothing lasts. A scary aspect of foundation building centers around keeping every portion solid. A weak spot threatens the stability of the whole and leads to eventual collapse.

People acknowledge the wisdom of a strong foundation when building a house because of the physical nature of the foundation inherent to the structure. Establishing and maintaining a base for a relationship proves much trickier because individuals bring so much into their relationships from the way they have been raised, past hurts and their own need. Focusing on five key areas simplifies things while giving couples avenues for growth throughout the life of the relationships.


Mutual respect starts the process. It places a hedge around the couple by saying they value the other pe…