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Financial Pairing

Finances prove to be one of the hottest of hot button issues for couples because money, like many other items, reveal a great deal through a subconscious vector about an individual's beliefs and needs.

Couples sometimes are unaware of what their fighting about when money comes into the picture. Being aware of potential pitfalls and finding the correct ways to address them gives couple the ammunition they require to come out the other side stronger and better prepared for the future.
Potential Pitfalls

By their definition, couples faced with areas of concern need to spot them before they engulf their vision. While possible to slog through a deep puddling, it is always much easier to walk around it remaining dry. The best way to redirect is through seeing the obstacle approaching from the horizon. Let's look at some concerning areas.

Values: Individuals may value money differently. Often this comes from the example set at home when they were growing up. The strange thing is a ful…

Capturing the Relationship in a Song

Couples seek ways to define their relationships. Some share a great meeting story. Others tattoo their skin with a meaningful word or symbol. Since the advent of coupling, music represented the ideal representation of a relationship.

A song carries a multitude of meanings, grant deeper understanding of what the pair means to one another and be a touchstone of history when times get tough. How does a couple pick a song? It can be tricky. Looking at the options available and how they can be tailored allows couples to make the right decision.

Capture a Memory

By tying into a key event, couples find a song central to the time in their past. Most relationships possess moments when something is discovered. It could be the first date, the initial profession of love or the romantic evening when each felt truly heard by the other.
Generally speaking, these memories have a natural soundtrack with ambient noise or possibly a song playing in the background. The song will need to capture all of the…

Bonding Through Activities

Couples share a deep connection. Any couple communicating on a regular basis secures details, can answer specific questions and may be able to provide preferences for their partner. While conversation supplies key points of information, true bonds form in a variety of ways. Couples who do things together feel closer to their significant other. So let's see some activity options for couples.

Couples can stretch themselves physically, mentally and emotionally by exploring activities outside their comfort zone. The ideal aspect of these are for one person to introduce these things to the other. Tone is important when entering these areas of expertise. The expert should avoid coming off as a know it all and the new individual should be open to several concepts.

High Physical: Activities of this type force greater movement and reliance on another person. Proper preparation including stretching, adequate hydration and equipment needs offers couples the chance to work together and grow cl…

Three Layers of Intimacy

Intimacy is defined as a close, familiar, affectionate and loving relationship with another person. Even on its surface, the word is charged while cutting across multiple aspects of relationships. Culture squashes the word into a tiny box making it palatable for everyone and not challenging anyone. For couples to endure, their understanding of intimacy must extend beyond the traditional or simple delving into deeper areas of closeness, familiarity, love and affection.


In a culture obsessed with the physical, the simplest forms of intimacy fall into the purview of the body. Some of the greatest negotiations in a relationship can center around physical intimacy. From the first kiss to more personal acts, this is a dance played out starting with the first flirtations. Nervous teenagers are not the only ones to wonder if the first date will end in locking lips. Even the ones who know the final page of the date grow nervous when walked to the front door at the end of the evening be…

Resisting the Urge to Divide Shared Friends

Couples, especially those that have been together for a long time, establish a co-mingled group of friends. While starting out in separate categories, the divisions grow confusing after multiple shared activities, gatherings and holidays.

Couples become tempted to have friends, both those they knew before getting together and after, chose who they will continue to associate with at the end of the relationship.

By establishing a hard line us or them situation, it becomes sad for everyone involved because of the pressure to make the right decision. Here are a few reasons why not making shared friends pick sides will end better for everyone.

It Does Not Feel Good

The simplest reason stems from the fact no one feels good when having to make a decision like this. The couple may feel betrayed if an old friend decides to hang out with their ex.

Friends will sense they are behaving in a way counter to either their old or new friend. This may cause either the couple or the friends to avoid talk…

Your Ex is Dating Again...Is It Too Late to Make Up?

A common truism for couples who have separated is the door on any future romance has been closed. While true in most respects, one does not need to surrender to an inevitable condition when an ex begins dating someone new.

Realistic expectations, relational growth and mature friendship must exist if things will return to a place where romance rises again. Seeing these roles for what they truly mean and implementing key changes offer a chance for love.

The Expectation Experiment

People often believe they possess a clear understanding of what they want. Unfortunately, they rarely take into account how their view might be skewed. Several things kick expectations from realistic to unrealistic.

* The End: A blind eye to how the relationship ended may cause either an overly sunny or cloudy view of things.

* A Hard Inward Look: Most individuals find evaluating their part in the end of the relationship too great a challenge.

* Outside Factors: Stress caused by finances, differing worldviews and c…

Responding to a Repeat Betrayal

Popular opinion states to never take someone back after a betrayal as their actions break trust. Short sighted ultimatums rarely live in a real world where a foundation develops over time to include powerful feelings of love and desire. Some couples do reestablish their relationship following an affair, either emotional or physical. The trick becomes what to do if the philandering party behaves in an untrustworthy manner a second time. Important steps must be taken to gain freedom from the swirling pain of another's actions.

1. Gain Distance

Though it seems obvious, finding a safe place to be alone and assess the situation and one's feelings prevents rash decisions and and words. Friends and family will be quick to run down a partner who has taken advantage of one's trust again. They will cry for an immediate end to the relationship and possibly retribution by the wronged party. This will sound good on the surface, but can lead to lasting pain.

2. Assess Present Feelings