Sacrificing Equals a Lasting Marriage

Statistics clearly show that half of American marriages often end up in divorce.

According to relationship researchers, almost all couples, happy or not, have comparable number of incompatible differences. Sixty-nine percent of these disagreements are left unresolved.

Often, the selfish behavior of one partner separates them from their spouse. Each divorce is usually the outcome of one’s selfishness in the marriage.  One thinks of only satisfying himself; the conveniences, comforts, luxuries and freedom.

Marriage is surrendering totally oneself to another person. The wife submits herself to the husband as the husband, surrenders to his wife; marriage entails a complete surrender, meaning to sacrifice.

Together with considerations comes adaptation and adjustments. If it is already obvious that adjustment have to be made, a spouse must be eager and ready to accomplish anything that is needed.

There will be times in a marriage that spouses should sacrifice something he/she feels important such as a hobby, a job, something that a spouse likes doing, to preserve certain relationship.

To make a marriage to last, it must be guarded and protected. Each spouse has to avoid, limit or give up whatever it is that threatens it.

To others, it can require giving up a loved hobby like golf, bar hopping with friends, or stop communicating with a workmate who is clearly “getting too close.”

Spouses can sacrifice their:

1.    Beliefs.  Should both have opposing beliefs, (for example, raising their  children) spouses need to discuss matters and understand each other’s point of view.  When both really can not agree a compromise is needed  the wife might let her husband lead, as long as the husband’s beliefs are for the betterment of their children.

2.    Goals.  Married couples should set common goals so both can work as a team.

3.    Career.  When career is a threat to one’s family, one should sacrifice it.

5.    Priorities.  Remember that in marriage there is no more “I” -  entail  lot of “we”.  Set your priorities straight, your marriage should always come first.

6.    Independence.  While there are many husbands and wives who value their independence and their spouses understand, one should always consider and consult the other before a mutual decision is made.

Nobody would acknowledge that they depend on someone for strength and stability. Husbands and wives who change their ways for their spouse may be negatively viewed many who are not familiar with the circumstances.

Love enables husbands and wives to willingly sacrifice to attain a lasting marriage.

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