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How to have a good relationship with your spouse

It has been said often that 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Whether couples choose to believe this astronomical figure or not is another matter, given that this has been subject to debate. But one thing is for sure: there's no denying that divorce is prevalent in this country. This is why it is important for married couples to take steps in preventing this unfortunate end.

Communication is key
One of the things that becomes a source of problems for married couples is lack of communication. This is true especially of men, who are notorious for not expressing their feelings. A lot of arguments can be avoided simply by talking things out. Couples should be open to each other about the problems and difficulties they are encountering. They should start communicating before it reaches a critical point and becomes a full blown fight.

Don't neglect your spouse
Sometimes problems arise when one spouse feels invalidated. When a spouse feels that he or she …

Marriage Conflicts Avoidance

No matter how happy a married couple looks like, their marriage is not without occasional conflicts. Having conflicts in marriage life is normal. It is brought about by the natural differences of the couple. However, if the gravity and frequency of conflicts inside a marriage keeps on elevating to new heights, the risk of destroying the marriage is always there.

Keeping a healthy marriage is the key towards avoiding marital conflicts. Listed below are some advices which apply to different situations related to conflict resolutions inside marriage.

-Mind the person, not the differences
Most often than not, serious marriage conflicts are related to smaller things that add up and eventually burst. Marriage entails that the spouses love each other for who they are and small annoying things should be taken for granted. Understanding each other especially with little things will help strengthen the relationship and give a general sense of belongingness to both the spouses. 

-Do not compare
It …

Being Merry in Marriage

Many couples enter marriage with fairytale hopes "and they live happily ever after" fantasy. But in reality, it takes so much more than a stylish wedding dress and an expensive wedding ring to end up “happily ever after”.

Staying fulfilled in a marriage requires both effort and passion pf each partner. Many couples start to lose passion after their honeymoon, and this should not be the case. Here is some advice on how to stay happy in the sacred union of souls.

1) Don't rely on assumptions and expectations
There is nothing wrong with making assumptions and expectations, however, bear in mind that many times, assumptions stay as assumptions and expectations are hard to meet. Remember that marriage is the acceptance of a person for who he/she is. Marriages are decayed by hurt brought about by lofty expectations. There's nothing wrong with cutting each other some slack whenever expectations are not met.

2) Express yourself
There's nothing wrong in saying "I love y…

Growing Old with Each Other

Marriage is a serious commitment between two individuals. That commitment should be remembered  no matter how long you have been together for a long time. It is a promise that the couple made in front of witnesses, not just on the wedding day but for the days and years beyond. It is a commitment that makes two people willing to grow old together no matter what the circumstances.. 

When two people are in a relationship, there are tantrums and petty fights that occur and such situations must be handled delicately until the matter has been laid to rest. Getting married will not make such negative situations go away.  Professionals are sometimes needed to keep the love alive.

Marriage counselors do this by talking to the people involved by discussing the issues involved.  Once the causes of the disagreement have been determined, solutions are created with the help of the counselor. Constant follow-up must be done.

One way of handling this is agreeing on a secret code that both have to agre…

Space Helps a Marriage Work

Being married does not mean being with your spouse every minute of the day. It does mean giving space for the other person to do other things that are important for him or her.

People say that the best way to resolve conflicts and/or addressing an issue is by talking about it. There should be an appropriate time and a place for this to happen. Let cooler heads prevail!

Are they both ready to talk about it? If one or the other is not ready for discussion , a healthy conversation will not occur. An altercation could very well be the outcome. The best thing to do when issues arise is to explain to the other person that there is problem that needs to be discussed and asking when it would be possible to have that discussion. 

Most people have good intentions when asking another person to do something that they feel is undesirable. This could be a request to not smoke in the house, turn the TV down, or not entering the house with dirty shoes.  If those requests are not honored should one pr…

Achieving Financial Harmony in Married Life

In married life the desire to go shopping, to celebrate a special day, to watch a movie or to simply dine out will arise often.  It can be very difficult when these simple desires have to be set aside.

The fact is that there really is just no money available for fulfilling simple “extras”. The worse part is that the frustration could result in tempers rising and constant bickering. It is essential for couples to calmly confront this financial situation together.

Financial Difficulties

Bad credit situations and low income are often the roots of the conflicts. It can also go beyond the ordinary cash problems. There can also be struggles of the couple within themselves. That tension could grow stronger as the spouse’s fear what the future will bring, worries over their self worth, and despair over their limited means.

It is important to address this before the financial situation leads much larger problems.
Seeking Solutions

Debt is a big problem. Many families have incurred thousands of dol…

Respect Each Other: Key to Fighting Fairly

There comes a time when tensions reach their top level that any married couple cannot help but just let out their frustration on each other. Fights are generally inevitable. They seem to be something that has to be dealt with. However, if it starts to be serious, conscious efforts should be done to salvage a marriage.


Sick and tired of constant bickering and fighting? It is actually such a wonder why other people just cannot help but fight.

Fights take place because of failure to compromise, arrive at a consensus or even to have a simple understanding of a situation. They are often triggered by fears, threatened feelings or insecurities.

They usually result to constant disagreement, bickering, verbal exchange of angry words, and unfortunately, it gets physical in some cases.

The After Effects

Recall. In the instances that a couple would fight, what are the effects after? No one actually wins in any argument. The confrontations can be very exhausting. The disagreements create too muc…