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Marriage is a Management Job

Marriage Counseling is a difficult task. Marriage counseling is an emotional challenge. Marriage counseling is about answering questions. Marriage counseling is about rolling your eyeballs. Think about these statements. While they are all true, the key statement in this group is the one about answering questions.

If partners go to marriage counseling to resolve marital conflict and try to save a troubled marriage, they are going to confront a lot of questions. This is because the counselor often starts with a goal of learning about and understanding what is going on in the marriage.

Marriage Counselors often use individual and partners counseling sessions to learn about both the individual and shared views, partners hold about the union. The agreement or lack of agreement in each partners perceptions, can be a big help in finding common ground or fractures within a marriage.

These questions are not rocket science, but confronting them in a controlled environment with a th…