Space Helps a Marriage Work

Being married does not mean being with your spouse every minute of the day. It does mean giving space for the other person to do other things that are important for him or her.

People say that the best way to resolve conflicts and/or addressing an issue is by talking about it. There should be an appropriate time and a place for this to happen. Let cooler heads prevail!

Are they both ready to talk about it? If one or the other is not ready for discussion , a healthy conversation will not occur. An altercation could very well be the outcome. The best thing to do when issues arise is to explain to the other person that there is problem that needs to be discussed and asking when it would be possible to have that discussion. 

Most people have good intentions when asking another person to do something that they feel is undesirable. This could be a request to not smoke in the house, turn the TV down, or not entering the house with dirty shoes.  If those requests are not honored should one press the issue?  If the undesirable actions continue the other party may see repeated requests as nagging.
There are ways to solve this problem. Saying the same thing over and over again like a broken record will do more harm than good. Find another way to settle the matter. Calm discussions and compromise are preferable.

 If you have an idea that you think is exciting and want to share it feel free to do so.  Sometimes the idea may not appeal to your partner right at the moment.  He/she may brush it aside or need time to think about it.  It is best to get it out in the open even if it is not discussed at that time.  Perhaps the idea will be a subject you will want to discuss in the future.

Giving space to a spouse is healthy. This gives the individual time to think and rethink or recharge.  It is easier to relay a message or discuss an idea that is being relayed by your spouse when tension is not a problem.

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