Marriage and Jealousy: When Love is Never Selfish or Full of Insecurity

In life, there can be no greater destructive force in any relationship, especially in marriage than jealousy. It is a powerful yet negative emotion that is rooted on insecurity. Once a person is unsure of himself or herself, jealousy can easily seep in.

The dangerous thing here is when jealousy that is not founded on truth can definitely ruin marriage.
The negative force that binds a jealous person is relatively difficult to deal with. In most cases, these “green-eyed” persons tend to shun away from the truth.

In reality, to be jealous is normal. However, the point wherein the spouse will no longer listen to the truth and will only hold on to what he or she believes in even if those facts were not true is not acceptable. And if the spouse can no longer control his or her jealousy, the future of their marriage will be ruined.

With jealousy, it is not surprising why the ratio of marriages to divorce nowadays is 2 to 1. It is no longer shocking why two million couples are getting a divorce every year.

The Solution

Love in marriage should never be selfish and insecure. Married couples should never strive for their individual satisfaction. They should always make each other feel the love that binds them together.

There are instances that a person cannot simply dismiss his or her jealousy. It is extremely important that they learn to keep the communications line open and tell their partners about the problem. It is not enough that jealous people try to stop assuming negative ideas. It is best that they tell their partners about them so that they can both work out some solutions to the problem.

The problem with most married couples is that they are afraid to tell their partners the reason they are jealous, hence, miscommunication happens. Researches show that married couples who do not have at least 80% open communication can expect the worst from their marriage.

The bottom line is that jealousy should be resolved through proper communication. Let the other person know what you are jealous about. Make him or her understand how you feel about the past so that you can both create a good solution for the present.

Best of all, try to make each other feel special and loved. Keep in mind that jealousy is basically rooted in insecurity. If a person who feels 100% assured that he or she is greatly loved by his or her partner, then, there is no room for jealousy, and their marriage will definitely grow old with them.

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