Growing Old with Each Other

Marriage is a serious commitment between two individuals. That commitment should be remembered  no matter how long you have been together for a long time. It is a promise that the couple made in front of witnesses, not just on the wedding day but for the days and years beyond. It is a commitment that makes two people willing to grow old together no matter what the circumstances.. 

When two people are in a relationship, there are tantrums and petty fights that occur and such situations must be handled delicately until the matter has been laid to rest. Getting married will not make such negative situations go away.  Professionals are sometimes needed to keep the love alive.

Marriage counselors do this by talking to the people involved by discussing the issues involved.  Once the causes of the disagreement have been determined, solutions are created with the help of the counselor. Constant follow-up must be done.

One way of handling this is agreeing on a secret code that both have to agree and that will uplift the other person when necessary. This could be something memorable to the couple. A favorite place, memory, or word could be that clue. Another example for creating a secret code may involve injecting a little humor that will change tears into laughter.  This can be a line from a movie or a cartoon that both love. I will mean nothing to others but is a sign that is said to the other person when things don’t go very well.

There are times when a husband or wife do not acknowledge the other when asked to perform a task or answer a question.  When the acknowledgment is not made and the request is completed tempers often flare. Thinking about the consequences first is the advice of many counselors.  Make the best of the situation and back off rather than making the situation worse

A marriage will have both happy and sad moments. These are the times that both have to pull together and rise above moment in order to make the marriage work. No one said that this task would be easy or that problems could be resolved with a snap of a finger. It is a partnership that both members must be involved with so that the relationship continues until both have reached their golden years. Work hard toward a common goal so this relationship can continue until both have reached their golden years.

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