Weekend Getaways for a Happy Marriage

Life seems to get busier and busier as time goes by and before we know it another month, season or even year has gone by and you realize that you haven't had a vacation or spent any quality time with your partner in a long, long time.

While we can't control many things in life such as work or family commitments it is important to understand that everything in life requires nurturing otherwise it will slowly decline and a marriage is no different.

Spending some quality time together over a weekend at home is a good thing but as there are usually regular distractions such as the phone calls, friends dropping by or neighborhood noise, it is important to get away to a couple's retreat where you don't have these distractions.

Having a regular weekend getaway with your partner allows you to spend that quality time together without the day to day interruptions and distractions and allows you to reconnect with each other. Make a point of planning your weekend getaways as a regular thing on your calendar and be as committed to it as you would be with any business appointment as that quality time together is as important as anything else because if your marriage begins to breakdown then everything else in life is affected as well.

The best retreats to look for are those in hinterland type locations that are special couple's retreats which do not allow children. These rules make these retreats very quiet and relaxing which allow you and your partner to focus on each other without any noise or distractions at all.

Some tips to make the most of your weekend getaway:

- Surprise your partner by phoning ahead and planning for some flowers to be placed in your room with a special note attached. This will certainly be a memorable surprise.

- Turn off the cell phone. This is an important one as you must eliminate as many outside distractions as possible to focus your attention on each other.

- Put on some relaxation music and give each other a massage, or alternatively pay for a professional couple's massage. Many couple's retreats have good deals on massages and other treatments which help to relieve the built up stress from daily life and are a great experience to share together.

- Share a spar bath together with some small candles, music and a glass of wine. Most couple's retreats have a spar bath in the room or cabin and also have candles and wine to save you having to bring your own.

- Go on a nature walk together. Many couple's retreats in hinterland locations have walking trails through forest areas which can be very enjoyable to do as a couple.

- Sit on the floor of your room or cabin facing your partner and hold each others hands while meditating. This is not only relaxing and a good way to release stress but also a very bonding experience.

By planning for a regular weekend getaway as a couple to spend that essential quality time together you will stay connected as a couple and keep your marriage strong no matter how busy your life is in between times. The small investment of time and money required for these getaways every few months will pay big dividends in the long term of your marriage. "Garb Your Copy of "The Magic of Making Up"
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