The Emotional Stages of Divorce

It's unfortunate when married couples get a divorce. It affects not only the immediate family members involved, but family and friends around them as well. Depending on how the couple deals with this can help or hurt the situation a great deal. There are various stages one may go through before or during a divorce. Reading about them here could help in realizing what is going on inside and help a person to cope with all the emotions that may come up.

Disbelief, Denial and Shock

You realize things have not been going well for a while, but you never thought it was this bad, to actually have to get a divorce over. Maybe you haven't even tried couples counseling yet, so you are in shock. The worst is when a spouse has had an on going affair for an extended period of time and now wants a divorce. How could they do that to you?

Anger or Fear

At this point you could be very angry for various reasons, as mentioned above, or you could be in fear of not knowing what will happen in the future. If you have anger issues, be mindful of them and try not to do anything you may regret later.

Emotions and Depression

Now you are getting very emotional and wondering where it all started to go wrong. You may try to think about things that happened in the past and where you could have done something different or said something else. You may start to realize it is a lost cause and start to feel depressed.

Begging and Bargaining

You may be asking your spouse if there is any way the two of you can fix this. You may even be begging to try couples counseling or asking if there is something you can do to save the marriage.

Release and Letting Go

Now you are slowly releasing the anger and resentment you may have felt and starting to let go of all those negative emotions. You realize both parties play some role when a marriage ends in divorce.

Acceptance and Moving On

You now accept the inevitable and are able to look to the future and start to make plans. You realize life must go on, even if it isn't the way you planned it.

Hopefully you will have a friend or family member that will help you both while you go through these stages, so that you can deal with them in a mature manner and have an amicable divorce. "Garb Your Copy of "The Magic of Making Up"

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