How to Stir Things Up in A Marriage

Have you been married for a while now and things seem to be spiraling into a whirlwind of different schedules for all family members? Do you find little time for romance, routines daily that seem to be robotic like, schedules to keep, commitments to others that take time from the family dynamics? Do you feel you and your husband need to rekindle the bonds that brought you together in the first place?

The first thing to do is consider all the distractions of daily life. With children, time commitments can be significant and can be all encompassing. There are car pools, school meetings, sports, birthday parties, homework, shopping trips, and it seems never ending sometimes. These things all help a child to develop social skills and are very important; however, so is your time alone with your spouse and you must try to find a balance.

Maybe you can figure a way to lighten the burden on both of you with regards to all the children's activities by involving others, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles, to take on some of the picking up and dropping off chores. Most grandparents would love to have more time with their grandkids and would find the drive time a good opportunity to communicate more with the kids. What seems like a chore to you could be very enjoyable for the grandparents. Today kids are so busy that they often have little time to spend hours with grandparents so these encounters can be a special time. Maybe you can have a party away from your home at a pizza place or at a sporting event so you do not have to spend hours cleaning and preparing foods, etc. There are bird spotting tours and leaf identification tours that are lead by a Park Ranger which kids will love and will teach them the joys of being outside and nature. The time they are on the supervised hike can be a good time for you and your husband to take a short walk together and discuss some important issues or just relax and spend the time together.

The idea is to look at the week activities and see what time you can carve out for you and your husband alone. To have that time to speak to your spouse uninterrupted and to show care and concern are vital to a good marriage. It will make the time you do spend with the children much more productive for them and you as well.

A child senses when the parents are in synch in their marriage. The old saying, "The best gift you can give a child is happy parents" holds true in this modern day and age when everyone is so rushed and so intent on doing everything quickly. Take some time to preserve your love and concern for your husband or wife and it will pay off in happier children and more loving and nurturing for the family as a whole.

Plan your life and do not just let the world set up all the pressures that need to be met. Make your own goals for your family, your marriage, and your peace of mind. "Garb Your Copy of "The Magic of Making Up"
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