3 Surefire Ways To Annihilate Your Marriage Relationship

1. Fail To Listen Well.
2. Always, Always Seek To Win As An Individual.
3. Get Involved -- And Stay Involved -- In Pornography.

-- 3 Surefire Ways To Annihilate Your Marriage Relationship --

Surefire Annihilator Number One: Fail To Listen Well

Practice the following and you will most certainly be laying the foundation for the successful launch of a failing relationship in your marriage:

Listen without heart,
Talk more while listening less and less,
And instruct or point out failures more than you compliment, build up or affirm.

Surefire Annihilator Number Two: Always, Always Seek To Win As An Individual Instead Seeking To Win As A Couple

Practice the following well and you will most certainly lay a solid foundation for destroying intimacy, disheartening your spouse, and establishing a negative distance between both of you:

1. Make winning as an individual the unspoken -- or worse, spoken -- goal of the majority of conversations with your spouse.

2. Make every effort to "win" as an individual in public settings with your spouse.

Surefire Annihilator Number Three: Get Involved -- And Stay Involved -- In Pornography

Exhibiting unfaithfulness of the heart through repeated involvement with pornography sends potentially crippling signals to a marriage partner. Among the many of those signals, here are three:

"Am I not loved for who I am?"
"Am I not good enough?"
"Is he (or she) involved with someone else?"

--- 3 Surefire Ways Build Your Marriage Relationship ---

First, a disclaimer: "surefire" does not mean...

No conflict,
Complete joy,
Or even completely saving a marriage.

But it does mean this:

The suggestions below will promote the establishment of patterns within a marriage relationship that will allow it to stand the test of time -- and stand it well -- if they are followed with heart, determination and consistency.

Surefire Builder Number One: Commit To Being A Good Listener

Strive to get these three down and you will be well on your way to being thought of as a loving, caring partner in the journey of life:

1. Listen with heart.
2. Talk much less when listening more is needed most.
3. And compliment or build up like crazy in the process.

Surefire Relationship Builder Number Two: Commit To Winning Together

Once again, please understand this: seeking to win every time, in every way possible, for self-serving reasons will hinder any marriage relationship.

Instead, seek with passion and purpose the following:

Strive to win every time,
In every way possible,
As a couple.

Surefire Relationship Builder Number Three: Guard Your Heart With Regards To Sexual Temptation

Faithfulness -- internally and externally -- counts in a marriage relationship.

It counts “Big Time!”

Strive to make a big time win by guarding your own heart and nourishing the heart of your mate by being committed to maintaining your faithfulness from the inside out.

Staying away from the enslaving nature of pornography and cultivating purity and appreciation of your spouse reinforces such mutual feelings as:

"I am loved."
"I am valued."
"I am adequate."
"We are safe."

--- In The End ---

In the end, it will be:

Your heart that causes you to establish purposes that build your marriage...

Your commitment to those purposes that gives your marriage hope...

And your patterns of behavior based on your commitment that makes it work.

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