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From Boyfriend To Husband - Now Cheater

Is this you; I found out my husband has had numerous affairs throughout our marriage. But when I confronted him and told him what I knew, he claims they meant nothing and that most men do it. He said it was just something that just happen and he never wanted to hurt me, I'll never do it again -- he treats me like a queen, but I'm worried that he will continue to cheat on me.

Doesn't the above paragraph sounds familiar to you? It's the same script women have when they've been cheated on.

In my opinion, I would call any man rather it be your boyfriend or husband behavior -- high risk, especially with all the sexually transmitted diseases going around. If he believes that (most men do it too), he may get caught up in this learned male-behavior pattern.

Men escape serious social consequences in repeated affairs because 'Boys-Will-Be-Boys' attitude still prevails. Sex adventure sometimes becomes a sport for men, which is why it's often called scoring. Your …

Years Into The Relationship - We Lost Interest

In most cases into the relationship, what I have discovered is -- We get irritable and bored when we spend a lot of time together; Does this mean we're incompatible? That's a Yes Or No question.

You see, you have to look at what sparked your relationship at the beginning, to what caught your eye in that person which made you like/love the man or woman you wanted to marry or be boyfriend/girlfriend with - so, to speak. For example: If some how you both lost interest in one another or think you aren't compatible, you have to back track to the beginning to find out what happen along the way to what have made you lose interest in your mate -- be your own investigator!

Men and women differ in their communication skills and area of interest. It is a fallacy to assume that not having the same interests mean the relationship is over or irreparably damaged by a long shot. Irritability and boredom between the two of you may be an indication that you're in a one-sided relationsh…