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Top 10 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Love Life

Remember when you first laid eyes on her or him? Remember the rush of passion you felt when you heard that special someone's voice on the phone, read their secret notes, or their careful crafted love letters, or watching them come through the door of your favorite restaurant? Well, a few months or even years have past since those first fiery passionate days. The two of you are comfortable in the relationship, still something is missing - it's that certain spark you felt when love first bloomed. But, listen to me clearly; There's no reason to stay stuck in a relationship rut.

Here are my "Top 10 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Love Life"
1. Learn how to communicate with you mate: Communication is the key ingredient in any successful relationship. It is important for couples to talk about both the big and small things in their lives. It is equally important to listen to one another in a nonjudgmental supportive way. Sometimes all your partner needs is a sympathetic e…

Red Flags That Point to: Ms. Wrong and Mr. Wrong

It's happening all the time, it doesn't matter if you live in the big city or small town. A woman meets a man she thinks is 'Mr Right' she's desperately been seeking, or a man meets his - ideal woman and it's love at first sight.

As weeks dissolve into months, she discover her dreamboat is more a nightmare, or he realize that the object of his affection is not all she appeared to be. In our fast pace world, it seems as though anything goes these days, it may be wise for both men/women to approach new relationships with a bit of caution. As I researched, both men and women - there is an abundance of seemingly good catches who on closer look, turn out to be Mr. Wrong or anything but Ms. Right. Yet, most people subconsciously overlook fatal flaws in their lovers - for their emotional bad habits prevent them from assessing people and situation accurately...and consequently from moving on to a healthy relationship.

To help you distinguish between genuine jewels and…