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Committed Relationship; The Stages You Must Go Through

When I was looking for some ideas for this article, I stumbled upon a very interesting article. I have to admit it went into much more detail than I expected. The articles was a far more in depth look at what a committed relationship is really all about and how to get to that point.

Truthfully, I was going to do an article about how you each need to define what you consider to be a committed relationship so there is no misunderstanding and hurt, but after reading the other article I wanted to explore some of that information with you since I thought it was very eye opening.

The article basically said that there are 5 distinct stages in most relationships, 4 stages you and your partner need to get through in order to even reach the commitment stage.

So, I guess it's about more than just defining whether or not you and your partner can see other people!

Here is a synopsis of the 5 stages of a relationship:

1. I'm sure you can guess this stage: the romance stage. This is what many…