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Military Marriage Can Be Challenging - And Thats A Fact

Being a part of a military marriage can be difficult with one of you always having to leave on deployment and the other always being left behind to deal with the day to day business of running a household.

The one left behind has to be able to be as independent as needed to get the things done that need to be done while the other is off fighting for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted in this country.

It is possible to maintain a happy, fulfilling military marriage if both parties are willing to devote the time and energy to making it so.

Here are some tips to keeping your relationship strong through those times you are apart.
1. Make the most of those times when you get to be together. If the one away gets leave time and can come home for a month or so, do everything you can to spend that time reconnecting and getting to know each other again.

Some might find this exhilarating and find they like the level of romance this can bring with it. It may feel like you get to start fro…