Your Jealous Of Others Relationships; 4 Steps to Not Be

Having a relationship can be a wonderful experience. Being with someone you can connect with, relate to, and generally just enjoy spending time with is one of the things most people out there need. Companionship is one of the driving forces behind human interaction and because of that we can become deeply attached to others.

This also has the drawback of making any break ups quite painful. You put in the time and effort necessary to build up a relationship with someone, only to have it all be for nothing in the end. So getting over a break up can be tough. Your jealous of others in working relationships, mad at yourself for letting it fall thru, hurt, maybe feeling betrayed. So getting past all of this can be difficult, but not impossible. With a few simple tips you should be able to press ahead and come out the other side.

1. Stay positive. Keeping a positive attitude is important after a break up. Letting yourself get depressed only makes recovery that much more difficult, and that much more time consuming. If you keep a positive mindset and look on the bright side of life you will not only be much happier but also have a much easier time with overcoming the sadness and pain you feel after a bad break up.

2.  Do not become a recluse; In other words ( one who retreats from the world to live in solitude ) When dealing with a bad break up your jealous of other people for not having to deal with this pain. You may also feel like you can no longer trust others and this is why so many people become reclusive after a particularly nasty break up. They will lock themselves away in their home and see their friends and family less and less. However keeping active and enjoying life will help you forget and move past the pain you currently feel.

3. Look for help. When something bad happens to us, we often need or want a shoulder to cry on. There is nothing wrong with this, in fact keeping your emotions bottled up is the worst thing you can do. So finding someone to talk to about your break up can help you get it all off your chest. It does not necessarily have to be friends or family if you do not want to burden them. You can go to a counselor and talk with them, at the very least they can be someone to rant at, that is what they are paid for after all.

4. Keep going. After a break up, the worst possible thing you can ever do is to simply give up. Giving into your despair and convincing yourself that you simply were not cut out for love. No matter what you can not let yourself do this. Even if your jealous or hurt, these negative emotions will only bring you down if you let them.

No matter how bad your break up is, you will get through it in time and you will find love again if you keep looking.


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