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How Can You Tell Your In A Healthy Relationship

How do you tell if you are in a healthy relationship? One good way to know you are is if you always feel good about going home. If you can't wait to get home after a long days work just to see his or her smiling face then your relationship is probably a healthy one.

Two people in a healthy relationship experience less stress and are more capable of handling a stressful situation when one comes along. Know why? Because they have help, that's why. They have someone who supports them in every way. They zig, the other zags. It is just that simple.

The kinds of things that make a good relationship are effective communication, trust, mutual respect, being flexible when it counts and keeping everything real. If you have these things in your relationship then you probably treat each other as equals and do not experience too many problems.

By keeping everything real I mean that you should not expect your spouse to do anything you would not do. Being in a relationship is a two way stree…

Love Relationship Are You My Soul Mate Or Not

A true love relationship is rare. Finding your soul mate is a wonderful thing to experience. Most of us do not find "the one" to spend the rest of our lives with. So we make do with someone who is close enough.

If you are lucky enough to find your very special someone then make sure you know how to hang on to them. With so many marriages ending in failure if you do not hold on with both hands you may just be giving up the best thing that has ever, or will ever, happen to you.

One of the best things the two of you can do is talk to each other. Face to face, on the phone, even texting and emailing these days are acceptable forms of communication. When you take the time to talk make sure that you will have very few distractions. Talking on the phone during the evening hours is a great time because you are more relaxed and typically distractions are minimal. Talk about anything that comes to mind. Tell stories and just get to know each other.

Obviously, if you have just met you …

The Most Important Factor to Having an Effective Communication Relationship

Communication relationship is one of the most important factors to having that relationship being successful. Effective communication skills are not something everyone is born with, however, but they can be learned. If you are struggling with effective communication in your relationship read on to learn some new techniques.

Learning effective, healthy communication techniques will help your relationship become healthy and happy and when that happens you are far more likely to remain in the relationship instead of your marriage becoming just another statistic of divorce.

Communication does not just mean talking. A very important part of communication is the ability to listen. Sometimes that is all that is needed, just to listen. Your spouse may just need a sounding board to be able to figure something out. If they need you to help fix something then after you listen carefully the two of you can try to come to some solution to whatever the problem is.

Communication is very complex and i…