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Emergency | Can I Save My Marriage Before It Ends

There is an off-quoted statistic that says more than 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States. While there is some evidence that that number is actually lower, there is no doubt that divorce is a problem. After all, who gets married with the idea of getting a divorce? No one. But yet it happens far too often. The sad thing isn't so much the economic impact it has, but rather the emotional impact it has on all parties involved. Perhaps that's why the question of "can I save my marriage" is so common when people sense they are headed for trouble.

The most important thing you should know is that it is quite possible to save all but the most troubled of marriages. You have to be willing to seek good advice, follow through on it, and be willing to whatever it takes to make things work. But just knowing it's possible can you plenty of motivation and inner strength as you go through the process of saving your marriage.

You need to assess just how close you …