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Are Your Contemplating Divorce - A Marriage Counsellor Can Help Save Your Marriage

If you are thinking that your marriage is in trouble and it’s time for a divorce, perhaps a marriage counselor can help.  There are many marriage counselors who specialize in just that – helping people like you to save their marriage.  But how do you know if a marriage counselor is a good one?  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a family therapist or marriage counselor.

1. The first thing you need to look at is the credentials of the counselor.  There are three different classes of counselors:

* The first type is a Ph.D or Psy.D level counselor.  These counselors have spent at least five years at graduate school and have performed a minimum of 3,000 hours of therapy while being supervised by an experienced psychologist.  A person will need to have a doctoral level degree to be qualified legally as a ‘clinical psychologist’.  A counselor with a Ph.D is often more academic and will often do forensic and scholarly work as well as therapy.

* Next there is M.S.W which is a M…

Has Your Marriage Hit Rock Bottom - What Can You Do To Save It! Perhaps Church

Marriage doesn't seem to carry as much weight as it did many years ago but there are still many people and religions that view marriage as a sacred institution. Marriage is the foundation of a family and without a solid foundation a family can soon fall apart.

The world has changed over the years and as such there seems to be so much more pressure financially which can take its toll on a marriage.  There also seems to be more difficulties with children behavior problems these days, whether this is due to the changing roles of men and women or due to the increasing number of additives and preservatives in the foods that they eat, regardless of the cause, the behavior problems can put an incredible strain on the relationship between the parents.

These are just a couple of reasons that a marriage can begin to fail, there are many more.  If you feel that your marriage could be on the rocks what can you do to help get it back on track?

Church is one institution that values marriage ver…

Saving A Relationship - Stepping Stones - Keeping It Alive

What are the best steps to take for saving a relationship?  It just depends on what the problems are and how hard both of you are willing to work to make things better. There are no easy answers and no quick fixes.

One of the first things you need to ask yourself, and one of the hardest things to answer honestly, is whether or not your partner really wants to be in this relationship (or at least wants to be in it badly enough to be willing to make some changes).

That may sound odd, but a lot of relationship problems start because of unrealistic expectations. It's very common that both people in the relationship won't be on the same page. One person will actually care a whole lot more about keeping things together than the other partner.

As long as the one who cares the most is willing to turn a blind eye to the indifference of their partner and carry more than their fair share of the weight in a relationship, things might go along pretty smoothly.

But sooner or later the on…