Is Your Husband Lost In The Bad Economy?

If your husband was one of the many who lost their jobs in this seriously down-sized economy and seems just to be drifting with no prospects on the horizon and no motivation to go along with it there are things you can do besides getting angry with him.

A man who has lost his job may sometimes think that his manhood is connected with having a job. He has been raised to believe that having a job is paramount to taking care of his family and providing the things that they need on a daily basis. Without a job he feels useless and could be suffering from a little depression.

Even though it is not your fault he lost his job he may start to take how he feels out on you. You can help your husband regain his motivation by being supportive and encouraging him to continue to look for work even if he has to take a lesser job at this point.

Tell the man you love not to be discouraged and that something will come along sooner or later. Be patient with him when he gets down in the dumps and thinks that he has lost your respect and admiration. Tell him repeatedly, if you have to, that he is loved and respected with or without a job.

If there is no job on the horizon, encourage him to explore other options. If he went to college and ended up working at a job he hates then sit down with him and make a list of the things he likes to do to help him see that even if he has to go back to school to learn something else, he can and probably should.

Sometimes losing something we hated to do anyway will open up the door to doing something we love to do and are passionate about, even if it does not pay the same. Wouldn't you rather have a husband who is happy and fulfilled at what he is doing than having him come home in a rotten mood everyday from a job that he hates? I know I would.

With the economy the way it is and no significant improvement in sight, many people have returned to school to either further their education or change careers altogether. There are programs out there that will help with paying for additional schooling.

Ask him if it would be alright for you to call the local community college and set up an appointment to talk to a school counselor to figure out what options are out there. Maybe he followed his father's path into business when what he really wanted to do was landscaping.

Now is the perfect time to go to school and learn all he can about landscaping. Then maybe he could start his own successful business and not have to worry about working for someone else ever again.

Your husband is important to you so instead of ragging at him to find a new job, encourage him to follow his heart and do something he really wants to do. Sometimes we men lose our self-respect when we can't provide for our families, this also an added to the pressure's of  life and it hurts even more - when our wife's don't give us  that support we need to get back out there ...And fight! I hope this makes sense.

Final thought: 
The truth of the matter is can you "Back-Your-Man" even when the chips are down? What if the shoe was on the other foot; Wouldn't you want the same from him - "For-Better or Worst" that was the deal!!!


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