Dating Casual May Be The Answer For You - After a Divorce or Breakup

If you have recently gotten out of relationship that ended badly you may want to think about casual dating for the time being. Relationships can start out exciting and full of fun but as the months and years roll on it can get harder and harder to maintain the good stuff because all the little things creep in and start to bug the crap out of you.

When a relationship ends there has to be some grieving time before you make a plan and start over. You should wait for at least 6 months to a year before venturing back into the dating pool. There are millions of fish in the sea and your "perfect catch" is out there waiting for you.

Use the time you spend by yourself to figure some things out like, what is your part in the break ups you have had? If you can figure this out and find a way to fix you then the next relationship you have will be better for all concerned.

Maybe you have been attracted to men who are dominant and after a while this wears on you and you end up resenting him for being controlling. This may be an insecurity factor on your part. If you always feel like you need someone to control things because you do not trust yourself to make those types of decisions.

Most men like a woman who is strong and confident, but not too confident. They want a woman who is as good in the bedroom as she is in the boardroom. Men also like to be the center of attention, especially when out on a date. They like to have your full attention, not someone who is talking to everyone but him.

Do not bring any drama into his life either, if you have a parent who is overbearing and wants to know, now that your dating, when you will give her some grandchildren, do not tell him this. He will run away screaming.

If, after the first few dates, the two of you decide to be exclusive he will probably pick going out with you instead of spending time with his buddies. This is only temporary, do not expect it to last. At some point the tables will turn and you will find that he needs his time away from you so he can bond with "the boys".

If you fight him he will feel like you are trying to control him or you are being too possessive, either way you will not win and he will break up with you. Just take things slow and see what direction they are heading. If little things pop up that annoy you, make sure that you communicate this to him and ask him to be open and honest with you about it.

The biggest goal of dating is to find a long term relationship that lasts. The only way this can happen is of there is trust, honesty and openness. Communication is a must, if you start out keeping secrets the there really is no hope for the relationship.


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