While doing my normal research, I was looking for new ideas for my readers and I came across this guide for women by accident. It's called 'Check Him Out' at first I thought it was just another guide for singles who were looking to date. Since I had a little free time, I checked out their website - it wasn't sexy...as a matter of fact the website was sort of plain at best. But the information contained in it was valuable.

Here's an example:

Ladies! Never date a stranger unless you've checked him out first! Fortunately, a basic background check is an easy thing to do, via the telephone and the Internet. In just a matter of minutes, you can find out a great deal on your own about any potential date (or even your fiance' or husband) using the simple, free background check techniques described in our new "how-to" manual.

My final thoughts:

Get a copy of this guide 'Check Him Out' it's worth it's weight in gold - knowing if the guy your dating is telling you the truth and doing a little investigations just to make sure he isn't married can make the difference in having the right guy or wrong one.

#1 Best Seller; The American Woman's Guide to Background Investigations"


That is probably the best course on dating research I've seen. I personally own the manually as a male, and you'd be surprised at not only what you find on your dates, but on what can be looked up on yourself as well!

Strongly Recommended.

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