5 Signs That Tells You Your Marriage Is In Trouble

A lot of people rush into marriage at a young age when they feel they are madly in love. The problem with this is that as they age and mature, their personality may change and they might end up not being as in love as they thought. Or worse, the person they fell in love with may not turn out to be the person they expected.

The fact that so many people rush into marriage is also why so many people rush into divorce. It is said that the divorce rate in America is upwards of 50-60%. Such a high divorce rate is simply because people do not take their marriage seriously from the start.

Divorce is not always the option, as a lot of marriages can be saved if both parties are willing to put in the effort. But how do you determine whether or not your marriage in trouble? There are five signs that your marriage may not be as good as it should be.

1. Detached. If either you or your spouse seem emotionally detached from the relationship. If they simply do not seem to care about what goes on in the marriage and show no intention to help fix it or keep it running. A marriage should be between two people who care about one another and want to work with each other. If one party simply does not care anymore, that is a bad thing.

2. More bad then good. Every marriage has it's problems and there are always bad days. The problem comes in when there are more bad days then good days. A happy marriage should have their bad days few and far between. If you are finding these bad days sprouting up all over the place, that is a sign your marriage in trouble.

3. Every conversation ends in a fight. You are two different people with different tastes, arguments and fights are to be expected. Even the best of friends will have their fights. But if you find yourselves fighting all the time over the pettiest reasons, this is because you are unhappy with your current situation.

4. Not spending intimate time together. Another sign for determining whether your marriage in trouble or not is how much time you spend together. You should enjoy spending time together and if you find it to be a chore to do so, then your marriage is in trouble. Hitting a slump is one thing, sometimes we simply do not feel like being around others. But if it persists and you consistently avoid intimate time together, this is a warning sign.

5. Abusive household. If you or your spouse is abusive then this is a big glaring red sign that your marriage is in trouble. Abuse does not have to be physical, which is why a lot of couples stay together despite there being abuse. Abuse can take shape in a variety of forms, one being physical. However verbal abuse can be just as hurtful as physical abuse and should not be tolerated.


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