Terry's Relationship 'Rule' Advice For Women - Shop Around First!

If you need relationship advice for women you can find some of what you are looking for right here. Finding the right guy for you can be tough. Your best bet is to make a list of the attributes that you find appealing in a man and then, depending on how long the list is, take the top five attributes and concentrate on finding those in one man.

Steer clear of including physical characteristics in your first five attributes. Looks fade and it is shallow to date a man solely on his looks. Go for things like dependability and a good sense of humor.

Shop around, date several men before making any decisions. Every one is different and, who knows, you might find one that has a characteristic that you did not know you were looking for.

Maybe you will date someone who is loyal and dedicated to taking care of his mother. If he doesn't live with her then this could be an admirable trait in a man or it could mean that she is a manipulative you-know-what-I-mean and just feels the need to control her son. Does she call up and make him feel guilty if he hasn't visited in a while? Look out, she may also feel like no one is good enough for her son and will try to drive a wedge between you.

More relationship advice for women includes making a list of the things you like to do and are willing to share with the right person. These are questions you need to ask on your first few dates to get an accurate picture of what type of person he is. Does he think the things that interest you are stupid or does he think that learning new things will be a good challenge for him.

If he is willing to put his needs behind yours at times then maybe he is someone worth considering for a long-term relationship. Also, does he have the capacity to compromise if a conflict comes up. Ask him, flat out, how he would handle a problem in a relationship. You both need to know this stuff and the sooner the cards are all out on the table the sooner you can get on with things.

What about religious views? If you have strong ties to a certain church he needs to know that. He may have his own and you will both have to figure out what to do about this. Strong religious views have ruined more than one relationship, I am sure.

Have a good handle on what your goals are in life. If he has some of the same goals then you are off to a good start. If some compromises need to be made then talk about it and make them. None of this has to be done in the first ten minutes though, have some fun and enjoy each others company. Some of this stuff will work itself out and you can figure some out just by talking with each other. Do not be pushy, it will all work out like it is supposed to.

The best relationship advice for women is to find a man that will support you in every way throughout the rest of your life, then marry him.


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