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Regaining Trust In A Relationship - Climb To The Moutain Top

Regaining trust in a relationship is going to be an uphill climb. I'm not saying that it can't be done, I'm just saying that you better be willing to put in some serious time and effort if that's what you want. If you're not, you might as well walk away right now and save both of you a lot of extra pain.

Of course, there are many reasons trust can be lost. Sometimes it's fairly 'small' like when your spouse belittles you in front of others. Other times it can be even worse such as in the case of infidelity. This can be virtually impossible to overcome.

If you're willing to try, step one is to figure out what you did to break the trust in the first place. Obviously, if it was infidelity that will be pretty clear. But if it was something a little less extreme like ridiculing your partner or making fun of them all the time, it might take some digging to figure out why you felt the need to hurt the one person you're supposed to love above everyone…

Saving Your Marriage - Shouldn't Be Rocket Science

If you're to the point that you're asking how you can save your marriage, I'm sorry. I know how painful this type of situation can be. I also know that it may not be too late and it's often not as hard as you may think to revive a dying relationship.

It's not rocket science, actually if you can remove the emotion (I know, easier said than done) then it's much easier in a lot of cases than you may realize. Just remember that pretty much everyone wants the same basic things from a marriage: companionship, love and respect. How we go about asking for those things, or showing those things, can vary from culture to culture and among genders, but that's pretty much it.

Most of the time when a marriage is falling apart it's because one or both of the spouses don't feel like their needs are being met. We often boil marriage troubles down to sex, but sex is really only a 'by product' of the basic need to feel loved.

So, step one to pull your marria…

Successful Relationships - Don't Complicate It

From the desk of: Terry Clark

I got this email from one of my readers, who will remain nameless; because I respect their privacy. I just wanted to share with you what he wrote and the experience he had in his own relationship - "Sometimes We're Just In the Wrong Relationship With The Wrong Person"  

Like a lot of people, I'm in my second marriage. The first one (I married the same person twice... duh) ended in divorce. When people said they were sorry about the divorce I couldn't help but think "don't be sorry, it's long overdue". The marriage was not good. This time, though, I made a much better choice with my spouse, and this time I'm happy to say that this is one of the most successful relationships I've ever had.

People wonder how they can have a successful relationship. There are all kinds of doctors and writers who are more than willing to share the 'secrets' to having good relationships, if you buy their books. I'm go…

Trust In A Relationship - Leap Of Faith Indeed

Building trust in a relationship can take time, it can take even more time rebuilding that trust a second time. I mean, come on, face facts, the first time around you give someone a really big benefit of the doubt. If they make a promise to you it takes a real leap of faith to let yourself open up and trust them, but if they break that trust, it can be almost impossible to do it again.

The reason for that is simple: they've already proven through their words or actions that they can't be trusted. The first time around you had no way of knowing one way or the other, but now you do. Now you know that they can't be trusted, why in the world would you set yourself up for that kind of hurt and pain again?

That is why it's so difficult to overcome any kind of cheating in a relationship. You know the old saying: "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", that's the whole point. Few people would take such a big risk of being hurt by letting someone …