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How To Save Your Marriage - Be A Partner First!

If you really want to know how to save your marriage, you need to figure out what the heck being married is all about. Being married is not about remaining independent and doing things only for yourself. It is about sharing everything in your life with that one special person you chose to spend your life with.

Too often people get married and then immediately start to think they are in trouble or feel trapped and do not know how to handle these feelings. Then they start to feel guilty because they are having these feelings and mistakenly assume that when you get married you should automatically know how to be married.

If you think about it that is just the silliest thing you could do. Question: Did you know how to ride that bike before someone taught you? How about walking and talking? You had to learn that too right? So, what makes you think that you know how to be married? Who taught you how?

Oh sure, your parents can be a role model for you but if their relationship wasn't good…

Relationship Problem Advice - Don't Depend On Family And Friends

Where do you turn when you need relationship problem advice? Well, there are several options available to you. You can do some research on the internet to find what you need to know or you can read a book. If you do not find what you need there, you can find someone to talk to. There are therapists out there who specialize in relationships and the problems that can go along with them.

Usually though, before any of the above takes place people who find themselves with a relationship problem advice comes from friends and family. As misguided as this may be it is a step taken by a lot of people. When things start to go bad you tend to look to anyone and everyone for help and people you trust top that list.

Take the advice you get from friends and family with a grain of salt though, every situation is different and your situation is no exception. Advice you get from friends and family may not work for your situation and could confuse things even further.

What you need at a time like this …