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To Be Forgiven; You Yourself Have to Forgive

The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to step on their toes. And being married to someone certainly puts you in close quarters. So the chances are good that you and your spouse have sore feet.

Okay, that was my best joke of today. The point is that it's NORMAL for you and your spouse to get in each others way and for those "misses" to cause hurt...sometimes serious hurt.

Did your spouse hurt you? Have you made mistakes that hurt your spouse?
Except in the case of physical abuse, you can "move on" from anything. In fact, your marriage can end up even BETTER!

I're probably thinking, "Better? How could it be better than before we screwed up?"

It CAN be better, but you have to do one thing first. You have to forgive.

What does it REALLY mean to forgive?
Many people will say, "I forgive you," but continue to harbor anger in their heart. Some people say the words, but it's obvious from their actions that nothing&#…

Three Keys To Fixing A Broken Relationship

There is nothing wrong with fixing a broken relationship, but some ways of doing so are better than others. We'll take a look at what you can do, and what you should avoid, to patch things up. Salvaging your current relationship, or getting back together will require a lot of effort. No matter what Hollywood likes to tell you, long-lasting relationships don't magically happen.

Before you even begin you have to ask yourself why you want it to be fixed? if you are doing it because you know "it will be different this time", then it may be a good idea to re-think your position

Many couples split because of one thing: distrust. Fixing a broken relationship requires honesty from this point forward. You have to be honest about who you are, who your mate is and what being together means to you. One point related to honesty is that you can't change other people. You can change yourself, but don't fool yourself thinking things will be better after you change your sign…