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Five Keys To Ending A Relationship Gracefully

Sadly, there are times when what appeared to be a happy union must come to a conclusion. But ending a relationship gracefully can be a difficult undertaking. There are a lot of ways that a break up can go wrong, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are some tips to help you part ways in a civil manner.

Before you even think about mentioning your desire to call it quits, you have to be 100% sure it's what you want to do, and know why you want to do it. This is important, because once you mention the subject of splitting up, there is no logical way to unmention it.

Key #1: Tell the truth - You may feel that you don't owe your partner anything, but as a fellow human being, they deserve the truth. If you are ending the relationship because you have done something wrong, now is the time to say so. While telling a few lies may make breaking up seem easier, in the long run it will always come back to haunt you.

Key #2: Be calm, respectful and direct - If there's one thing…

The Secret To Evaluating Your Relationship With Your Partner

Nobody ever said relationships were easy. And if they did, they were lying. A quick look at the shelves of any bookstore or library will tell you that people are looking for help in the relationship department. Seeking help in the form of a guide or book is a good idea, and a crucial step for many couples. However, evaluating your relationship with your partner before getting one is a good idea, too.

Why take the time to do this when a book has all the answers? Well, most books do not include a section on evaluation, and how can you know which steps to follow or how to follow them if you don't know where your relationship is at the moment? The answer is, you can't.

Because we as human beings are social creatures, it's only natural that we want to get along with those we are close to, and to remain with them whenever possible. Developing a sense of where you stand as a couple fits right in with our most basic desires.

When it comes to evaluating your relationship with your …