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What Does Your Bible Say About Marriage?

If you are wondering what does the Bible say about marriage, it really depends on which book you read. Obviously the views of the Old Testament are rather stricter than those expressed in the New Testament. You need to be careful when looking to the Bible for answers. Sure use it as guidance but the contents need to be interpreted in the light of the times those people lived in. Not all of the information contained in this book is relevant to the issues and crisis that can affect marriages today.

For example, the "What God has joined together let no man separate" teaching is wonderful if you are in a successful marriage and both of you are happy. But I don't believe God would want any woman to stay with an abusive husband or vice versa. And while I believe that marriage is for life, there are always exceptions to the rule. Unfortunately in our society today, the number of marriages breaking down is on the increase. This could be for a number of reasons, not least of…

I Think My Marriage Is In Trouble

If you are asking yourself the question is my marriage in trouble then it could appear that the answer is yes but this doesn't mean that it is. It might not be in grave danger of heading to the divorce courts but you are obviously not happy in the relationship if you are thinking this way. This maybe because there are issues between yourself and your partner or it may just be your perception of how things are. You could be feeling unfulfilled and lonely.

Whatever the reason for your feelings you need to get to the bottom of them or your marriage will be affected. It is not possible to have a happy relationship when one or both partners are feeling isolated, unloved or confused. It is not your partner's responsibility to solve your problems, emotional or otherwise for you, but it does help when they are supportive and understanding.

You may be feeling down because your diet is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. For example, women of childbearing age need plenty of Vit…

Lighten Up Do A Marriage Quiz Today...But Beware It Might Open Old Wounds!

If you want some light entertainment one evening why not do a marriage quiz together? These tests are designed to be a bit of fun but sometimes they can be used for other purposes. Some people will use them to sort out the problems in their relationship which is rather unrealistic unless both of you have taken a truth drug. For example, if you are both in a loving mood then you will score highly on these tests as you will both be open to the suggestions that your partner is wonderful. However if he is less than Romeo in your eyes or she resembles your mother in law more than the wife you married, you can get all the wrong results. For example, they can be used to check compatibility, although one could argue that it is a bit late checking that when you are already married!

So you have been warned, what can start as a game can quickly turn into an argument if you have underlying issues already. So if you two have been fighting a lot lately perhaps this is not the type of fun you …

Should You Go to A Marriage Seminars - Are They Worth It

Marriage seminars are becoming very popular with a variety of people and you may have thought about attending one yourself. In certain parts of the world you cannot have a church wedding without first attending a marriage seminar. The idea is that by going to one of these courses, the couple get a chance to explore the various issues that they may face during married life. The person leading the seminar will show them how to explore their different responses and how best to communicate with each other.

Do these courses work? That is actually hard to quantify as it is difficult to measure the success rate. If a couple attends a relationship seminar and decides not to get married you don't keep any statistics on them. If after attending the seminar they go ahead and get married and perhaps divorce in five years time, the statistics are already; jacked up so to speak. Some couples do benefit but some just attend as it is mandatory and they won't be allowed have their big …

Can Marriage Restoration Work

Are you wondering if marriage restoration works? Yes it does if you know exactly what to do and when. Love is like a plant - you need to nurture your love or it will die. You need to feed it on a regular basis and let it build in strength. A well nourished relationship is very hard to destroy.

If you need some ideas on how marriage restoration works make sure you read every inch of this blog "How to Save Your Marriage or Relationship from Catastrophe". The strategies here will help most people to improve their relationships and not just those of us facing a marriage breakdown. Communication between couples can be plagued with problems. Our egos often get in the way and if not our egos, our pride. How often have you known that you should apologize for your behavior but decided that you couldn't do it as you didn't want to lose face. Some men let their egos go to their head. They lose a fantastic relationship with the woman of their dreams because some other …

Marriage Requirements 101 Can You Cut the Grade?

It is amazing how many people will search for marriage requirements to see if they can legally get married or perhaps to see if they can have a Church wedding. Yes these same people may not give the same time and thought to whether the person they are marrying is the right one for them. It is so easy to get caught up in the romance of the occasion and to forget that while your wedding day is a big event, it is the start of something so much bigger.

Getting married is a commitment and should be treated as such. More people give longer thought to taking out a joint mortgage than to getting married. This could be due to the fact that divorce is relatively inexpensive, unless you have a complicated estate or are very wealthy, and it is also socially acceptable in most circles. The fact that celebrities marry and divorce at will certainly doesn't help.

The sad fact is though that most people do not walk away from a broken marriage without incurring pain and scarring. It is diff…