Apr 15, 2010

4 Types of Tests to Run - If You Want to Know He's Cheating On You

Girls who think that their boyfriends are cheating will often turn to Internet websites to find answers to their suspicions. Most will run into a "cheating boyfriend test" that will gauge their situation, and give advice based on the information provided. It is important to take the information you find through these quizzes with a grain of salt. It is also important to be able to differentiate between the four types of tests, and how they can affect your results and your relationship.

The "Hunch" Test:

The first type of test that many will run into can be referred to as the "Hunch" test. This test simply asks you questions that are based on your gut instinct. Questions on these tests will include phrases like 'Do you assume that he's or "If you had to guess, when he goes out with his friends he...". These questions are based on your hunches, and are not based on actual evidence. These tests lead to paranoia, and never manage to prove whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you.

The "Changes" Test:

Another type of test will focus on the irregularities of your relationship. The test will simply ask you about any changes that you may see in your boyfriend, or in your relationship. Questions may ask if he acts toward you like he used to, or if he does simple tasks in the same way that he used to. This test aims to gauge any irregular behavior, but suffers the same fate as the hunch test. This test simply makes you more paranoid, and doesn't actually prove anything at all.

The "Professionals" Test:

Professional tests are tests that are designed by psychiatrists and behavior specialists. These tests claim to give you a professional opinion on your boyfriend. These questions cause nothing but trouble, most are not actually designed or supported by any professionals. These tests simply pretend to have more clout than they actually have.

The "Personality" Test:

The final type of test is the only type of test that may be somewhat legitimate for those who are trying to figure out if their boyfriend is cheating on them. The 'personality' test looks at the personality of your boyfriend. The test will not state whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you. The answers will simply tell you whether or not their personality type is prone to cheating. This test is the most positive of them all because it gives you hints and tips about the personality of your boyfriend without assuming that he is actually cheating on you.

There are certain types of test that could be considered more reliable than others. It is important to understand, however, that no test can actually tell you whether or not your boyfriend is being unfaithful. You must simply trust that they are being faithful, or confront them about their cheating ways.

How To Develop The Necessary Skills To Get A Boyfriend Qucikly

Did you know it takes a little luck and skills to get a boyfriend? If you're like I was, a little shy and a bit of a wallflower, you have felt the hurt and pain because you were ignored by a boy or man you really liked. And chances are your peers, may have laughed a little, just because you didn't have the necessary skills to develop a relationship with this person.

Now here is some good news, it's really not difficult to develop the knowledge to stop being a wallflower and so shy that men don't pay any attention to you. The fact is once you have acquired the basic skills, you will realize how simple it is. A little motivation and a few ideas should be able put you on the right track.

Now before we get into this discussion in full, please understand I'm not trying to beat you down nor the men that have ignored you. Because there is a good chance you both have to shoulder a little of the blame. You because you haven't taken the time nor the interest to develop your skills and the men because they don't take the time to see you for who you really are.

Your close friends and family really know you are a caring and giving person, underneath your shyness. However, unfortunately many men only go by the first impression, and they often times interpret shyness as you being cold and unapproachable. But with practice you can quickly work around this problem.

Let's take a look at a few things you may need to think about.

Body language:

When meeting or talking with someone do you stand with your arms crossed in front of your chest? If you do chances are you are conveying an "unapproachable" attitude. In other words, 'don't invade my space and I have no interest in you' type of thing. Wow! That is a big turnoff to anyone, much less the man you are interested in.

What you should do when meeting someone is have your arms and hands down by your side or at least if you have them crossed do so below your waist. This indicates to the man or anyone, you are open and interested in them. Making a conscience decision to do this in all conversations and you will soon develop the habit of doing so unconsciously.

Eye contact:

It's well known that most shy people have difficulty in having direct eye contact. A great many men have been taught from when they were young boys, that you should maintain eye contact during conversations. Consequently, if you don't maintain eye contact, they feel you are ignoring them and have little if any interest in them at all. Therefore make a conscience decision to maintain eye contact as much as possible.

Keep doing this until it becomes an unconscious habit for you. Once you have reached the habit stage, it will be a major stepping stone to you being seen as open an approachable.


Did you know a sincere smile, that not only shows on your lips, but travels to your eyes, will light up your whole face and body. It's true! When a person is smiling they convey a sense of confidence, trust and openness. And men love a beautiful smile. It always causes them to take a second look.

As you can see, with a little practice, you really can develop the necessary skills to get a boyfriend quickly. Not only will you get the man of your dreams, you will be able to keep him.

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