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What Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend When the Relationship Is Serious

When you first get into a relationship, you are simply excited about your new love. You will often avoid many important relationship topics and conversations when you first fall in love with someone. With that being said, there are multiple questions and topics that should be covered by these who are in a more serious relationship. These are some of the serious questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend as you relationship continues to get more serious.

What Do You Think about Kids?

If you find that your relationship is getting more and more serious, you need to start thinking about your future goals. If you are dead-set on having a kid, and your boyfriend/girlfriend is dead-set on not having children, you may have an issue. While it may not be grounds to break up right away, it is something to keep in the back of your mind as you find your relationship to be more serious.

Is This Long Term?

You need to be upfront with your boyfriend/girlfriend about your wants and needs. IF you are lo…

Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me 4 Recognizable Signals to Look For

It is normal to have some doubts about your relationship. Many will feel these doubts as their relationship continues to grow, While they know that their boyfriend is interested, they will question whether or not their boyfriend still loves them. If you find yourself asking 'Does my boyfriend still love me?', there are a few simple signals that you can look for. These 4 recognizable signals will give you a better idea of your guy's feelings toward you.

He Cares about your Emotions:

Does your boyfriend constantly ask you about your emotions? If you find that your boyfriend asks you if you are ok, or if you are upset, you can know that they still love you. This shows that your boyfriend is interested in your emotions, and your emotional well-being. If they didn't love you, they would not be interested in your emotions or feelings.

He Buys you Gifts:

Does your boyfriend surprise you with small gifts? Is he paying attention to the things that you want, or the things that you…

My 4 Best to Use Cute Quotes for your Boyfriend

If you are trying to think of interesting ways to make your boyfriend happy, consider the use of cute quotes. Cute quotes can be placed anywhere and can be used in nearly every situation. These quotes can be a great way to convey feelings and emotions. They can also be a great way to make your normal relationship talks more interesting, and more romantic. Here are my 4 best to use cute quotes for your boyfriend.


A simple gift card can be the perfect way to use a cute quote. Find some of the best quotes that you can find and write them in the card. These quotes make the card more personalized, and can easily convey your thoughts and emotions.

You can also find cards that already have cute quotes on them. These cards are less personal, but will still be able to explain your feelings and emotions.


Scrapbooks are a simple and easy way to work cute quotes in to a gift. You can easily make a scrapbook for your boyfriend that features these quotes. Simple find quotes that ar…

Four Possible Reasons to Skip the Is He The Right Boyfriend Quiz

There are multiple quizzes online that aim to help you understand your relationship. These quizzes aim to evaluate your boyfriend and your relationship, as they want to be able to tell you whether or not your boyfriend is the right person for you. Unfortunately, these quizzes are inaccurate, and should never be relied on. These are 4 reasons to skip the 'Is he the Right Boyfriend' Quiz.

The Quiz Is Not Personal:

The different quizzes that you will find about boyfriends are rarely personal. They do not take into account the personality of your boyfriend. The quizzes are simply generic. You should not be basing your thoughts on your relationship on these generic tests. They could easily miss most of the important things in your relationship, and may not give you a good indication of the worth of your boyfriend.

The Quiz May Miss the Important Factors:

The different love tests that you can find online will never bring together all of the important aspects of a relationship. The qui…

4 Ways to Say Sorry to Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

It can be incredibly difficult to tell your sweetheart that you are sorry. For some, it can be difficult because of the embarrassment that they feel from their wrong-doings. For others, it can be difficult because they are simply too stubborn to apologize for something. Either way, it is important to say sorry to someone that you care about when you have done something wrong. If you are struggling with an apology, consider these 4 ways to say sorry to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The Simple Apology:

Sometimes, all you need to do is give your boyfriend/girlfriend a simple apology. This form of apology is best for those small issues that don't really require serious thought. This can be the hardest apology for those who have issues with their ego, as those that are stubborn often hate apologizing. It is also important to note that the simple apology may not work for bigger issues. If the wrong-doing is somewhat serious, a simple apology will come across as insincere.

The Long Talk: