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How To Win My Love Back Even If They Cheated

How often has one of your friends asked "how to win my love back?" Or perhaps you are asking this question for yourself personally.

The good news is that it is easier to make someone fall in love with you again then it was for the first time. When you have already been partners, you have a shared history. Sure not all of this time will have provided great memories but some of it will. You just need to get working on the good stuff and let the bad dwindle away.

I have assumed that you didn't lose your partner's love and affection by doing something silly like having an affair, emotionally or physically. Having an affair will damage any relationship but it doesn't need to be the end. It can be an automatic reaction i.e. he had an affair so therefore I am leaving. But when you think about it, does the fact he slept with someone else really mean that you should end something that was good for most of the time.

Of course it will depend on the details. If he had…

Things Ive Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me

Things I've learned from women who've dumped me, have actually helped me save my current relationship. Why? Well, basically all partnerships are the same in that if you do not have certain components they will fail. It doesn't matter how good looking or how wealthy you are. Your relationship will fall apart.

If I hadn't been educated by my previous girlfriends I wouldn't have learned some valuable lessons. For example, I wouldn't know that I should always tell the truth even when it makes you a little uncomfortable. You see if you are always honest, then she will trust you. Trust is a huge part of a successful partnership.

I wouldn't know that I have to talk about how I feel. OK, I am not a saint. I cannot be like most women in that I still don't feel comfortable chatting for hours on end about my feelings. But I know that I have to explain how I am feeling and not just expect her to guess. I also need to ask her how she feels about certain th…