Feb 20, 2010

How To Be Affectionate With Your Wife or Even Your Girlfriend and Keep Her

Falling out of love can happen to all couples regardless of how strong their relationship was. In order to recover the magic, you need to learn how to be affectionate with your wife or even girlfriend. There are different ways of learning. You can ask an older man in a successful relationship for some advice. You could talk to your friends but do yourself a favor and only listen to the ones that are happily married and that are involved in a strong steady one. The others are single for a reason. Or you could buy a great book, read it and put the theory into practice...which is a start!

Women are often complex creatures but the majority just love it when you show affection. Now I mean real affection and not just a pre sex hug and you start going at it. Sex is a different animal to men and women. To be in a committed relationship, women often use sex to show affection and appreciation whereas men are less likely to think that deeply about it. They may just care whether it is any good or not or if it is even available at that time. If a woman is hurt or upset you can usually gauge it from the warmth of the response she shows to your advances. If she usually initiates making love but hasn't, you can bet your last dollar there is something wrong. It may not be your fault but she may be holding you responsible anyway, I know it can be tough to figure out.

If you read any decent book giving any kind of advice on relationships, you will know that one way to get more sex is to do more around the house and not leave everything to your other half to finish. Another way is to show her affection when she least expects it. Hold her hand while on a walk, take her shopping, pick her up from work if it's raining or buy her flowers even though it isn't her birthday or your anniversary. Arrange to spend time together doing something that the two of you love.

Most romantic partnerships don't break down because of affairs or other huge events - but because the little things are missing you start to see relatioship issues. If you feel that you are drifting apart, get some help and advice on how to put everything back on course. Don't ignore the signs of unhappiness hoping they will go away. Women can easily feel ignored and taken for granted and you may only be distracted by your job or financial situation. She may feel that you must have another woman on the side in your life as you aren't showing interest in her any more... Or perhaps she is feeling used. Be honest, is the only time you show her affection are those nights when you are hoping sex is on the menu?

So how do you get the love back into your relationship? There are many ways but perhaps one you could try is to pretend you are dating again. How did you treat your wife or girlfriend when you first met? if Shes is still with you, either your worth it or you must have done something right. Women give men a whole lot of chances to get this relationship thing together, but sometimes a long the way we get triped up.

You need to find out now how to be affectionate with your wife or girlfriend or perhaps you can talk to one of your friends who went through the same problems that your having right now. By reading this article your heading in the right direction!

Feb 17, 2010

5 Ways To Be Romantic After A Break Up

So you've broken up with the person you love and you want them back. But how can you be romantic with someone after you've broken up with them? That doesn't exactly provide you with opportunities for romance when you're not dating or seeing each other at all.

It can certainly be a challenge, but here are 5 ways to be romantic after a break up that can help you express your feelings. These ideas not only offer the opportunity for romance, but they'll make your ex feel special which is one of the most important things you can do when you want to get back together.

It's important to remember, however, that you need to respect your ex's wishes. If you're calling and stopping by and they want you to stop, you need to stop. But that doesn't mean you can't make a romantic gesture.

But your gesture will be better received if you don't do it immediately. Stop bothering your ex and begging them back. Give them some space without you in it. After some time has passed, then make one of these romantic gestures which will surprise them and remind them of you.

Tip 1: Send flowers. Don't do this immediately after you give your ex what they want by contacting them less. Wait a little while then send a bouquet of their favorite flowers and have them delivered. Don't have them delivered when they're at work or in front of many other people. Have them delivered at home instead.

And don't write wishes of getting back together or love on the card that's attached. Include a message that says something as simple as I hope you're doing well, or hope you're okay, is there anything you need.

Tip 2: Focus on them. Wait a while and then call or stop by when it feels like it would be okay to do so. But don't talk about yourself or what you want. Ask them is there anything that you can help them with. Do this without the pressure of anything in return.

Tip 3: Do something very thoughtful. After some time has passed, send them a thoughtful card or gift that's obviously just for them. If they have exams coming up or a tough project at work, send a card of encouragement about it without mentioning yourself. For a birthday or any type of occasion, instead of the fancy gift, wash their car or give them something practical to show that you care.

Tip 4: Make a romantic gesture that doesn't necessarily include you. Surprise them with two tickets to a movie or play designed for them to take someone else. They might just ask you now that the pressure's off.

Tip 5: Give up something you know they want. Whether it was a CD or anything that belongs to you that you can replace, offer it to them in goodwill. These 5 ways to be romantic after a break up can help your efforts to get back together and make you both feel good.

Try these tips above, do they work all the time...No! but majority of time they do. It depends on your situation, was the break up bad or was it because things just wasn't working out at the time.

How Long Can You Go Without Getting Back Together

If you have any hope of reconciling with your ex, how long can you go without getting back together? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people can be apart for years and eventually find each other again. We've all seen tales of people separated for decades to end up married in their old ages.

Chances are, however, you don't want that sort of scenario. In fact, your biggest fear is probably that your ex will be away from you long enough to find someone else. Of course, this is a possibility. And it's a hard one to face, but you do need to look at it head on.

The best time to work on getting back together is right away after the breakup. But not so soon because there wasn't enough time to heal, if the break up turned out bad. Give each other a little time to settle into your individual lives and get used to not being part of a couple.

This might seem like bad advice, as if you become separate people and it will be harder to get back together. But by taking care of yourself for a while and focusing on you, it makes you able to be better in a relationship, too. It can help you look at your life and decide if your ex is really the person that you want.

It's very common to be afraid of your ex doing this and deciding they don't want you. Unfortunately, that is one possibility. But look at it this way. If your ex goes through this period of time and decides they do want you, then your chances of getting back together much better. And your chances of staying together are much better, too.

If you spend some time apart and your ex decides not to get back with you, you need to just continue to be the best person you can. Your ex will come around or then maybe not. If not, as painful as it is to realize, you're probably much better off without that person.

And if during your time apart you decide that you don't want your ex back, then you've saved yourself another mistake. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. So if a little time apart doesn't make you each want to be back together even more, than the breakup probably came with good reason.

A little time apart without the pressure of getting back together can help heal you both from certain situations. If there was an infidelity that caused the breakup, a little time and distance can make it sting a little bit less. It'll become easier for one to forgive the other.

So how long can you go without getting back together? It really depends on the situation and on each of you and how patient you are. It's a good test, to see if your future relationship can weather the storm, too.

If one of you is impatient and tries to pressure the other at this delicate time, that's a good indication that you might have problems agreeing on other important issues in your relationship down the road.

Take these things above into consideration sometimes being apart can also make you a better person too, And let you see the mistakes you've both made in the relationship.

Feb 15, 2010

Tips on Getting Back Together After A Long Time

If you've been apart from the person you love and you plan on getting back together after a long time, the first thing you should do is slow down. I know that's probably the opposite of what you want to do when you're ready to get back together. But even if they are ready to do so as much as you are, take a careful look at your situation.

Depending on how long a period of time you've been apart, many things about each of you could have changed. You could be different people in many ways. And while this is not necessarily a bad thing, you do need to be aware of it.

During that long time, have you been with other people? Have they been with other people? How do you each feel about things you've done when you were apart?

If you're unsure, it's important to have a conversation about it. You don't want to get back together after a long time only to find that you're unhappy with the things that have happened between your breakup and now. They might assume you've been hanging around for them and not seeing anyone else. And you might assume the same too.

While talking about other relationships might seem like a bad idea, it's better to do so before you get back together and to have a surprise after-wards. And remember, it's not always a bad thing. Being with other people could have shown you in a different light why they want to be back with you.

You also need to think about why you broke up in the first place. If it was something that one of you did, has there been forgiveness for that? Or are there still resentments one or both of you haven't been able to let go?

It would be terrible to get back together after such a long time only to find that one person or the other, or even both, is hanging onto a past hurt. Try to work those out before you make another commitment. That can help you keep this commitment much stronger and longer lasting.

If you're trying to convince the other person to get back together with you after a long time and they're not really on board, you can try wooing them in the same way you did in the beginning. Or if they wooed you, you can make it clear that you want them to try again.

There's no guarantee that they'll come around and want to get back together with you. But if you do everything possible to make it clear to them you want to, if there's any part of them that wants to, then it could happen.

When you're getting back together after a long time, you have an opportunity that other broken up couples don't. In many ways you can get a fresh start. Especially if you have very much time apart you can get to know each other all over again. Date just like you don't know each other, and try to do everything right from the very beginning.

Feb 14, 2010

How To Be Sweet To Your Girlfriend And Still Be A Man

If you are asking how to be sweet to your girlfriend, it is a good sign that you want to keep her happy. Keeping a woman happy is not always easy but with a little work and effort, you will be fine.

So what can you do? Telling her you love her is one step but avoid over saying it as the words become meaningless. Try telling her in other ways such as leaving a note under her pillow or sending her a message when she is not expecting it. You could send her a card despite the fact it is not her birthday, your anniversary or any other special occasion. Make a list of all the reasons why you love her and stick it somewhere like inside her fridge or just inside the washing machine. She may not notice it for a few days but when she does she will light up like a candle.

Find a book of poetry and write her out a love poem. She will love it. When you are out and about, put your arm around her waist as it shows that you are proud to be seen with her. If she is upset, listen to her and try to reassure her without giving her the impression that you don't think she will be able to sort out the problem on her own.

Complement her not just when she has dressed up for a special occasion but when she is just lounging around relaxing. Find things that you love about her, the way she fixed her hair, her long sexy legs, the back of her neck etc and tell her how lovely she is. Girls love complements especially when they are not expected. If she is trying to lose pounds, tell her she looks really slim today.

Never put your girl down or make unkind remarks about her even in the middle of an argument. Sure, sometimes is it hard not to get personal but try your best. Apologize if you do say something hurtful and don't do it again.

Don't forget to tell her how happy she makes you and how much your life has improved with her in it. Arrange surprises for her. Take her to a chick flick or a musical or the theater even if you would prefer to have your eyeballs stapled. Doing things for the lady in your life will end up making you both happier. Shared memories make relationships stronger and help you both get through the bad days.

In case you run out of ideas on how to be sweet to your girlfriend, find a great book on relationships or continue reading my blog articles for new tips. If you really love this woman you don't want to lose her over something silly. Women leave men for all sorts of reasons and cheating is only one of them. They leave if they feel unappreciated or taken for granted. Don't let this happen to you as great partners don't come around every day.

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