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How To Be A Better Girlfriend Before Danger Creeps In

How to be a better girlfriend is something us women ask a lot. When you initially get together it is easy to keep the spark alive. You have so much to explore and learn about each other and the sexual attraction should also be very strong. But when you have been together for a while, the initial lust factor has probably reduced somewhat and you know as much as there is to know. Life can get a little mundane and this is when danger can creep in. Most relationships break up due to lack of communication rather than a major problem like having an affair.

So you start wondering how to be a better girlfriend? Perhaps there are some good books you could read to help you spice up your love life. Or, if it is your thing, why not surprise him with a movie? You could make your own but don't go overboard as these things have a habit of reappearing when you least want them to. Just ask Paris Hilton!

Becoming a better lover is something we tend to leave to the men to worry about but it is a…

How To Be A Challenge To Your Girlfriend And Put Zing In Your Romance

If you're wondering how to be a challenge to your girlfriend? Is it because you are afraid you are about to be dumped? Women often like their men to be a tough nut to crack. They seem to respect those men who are not afraid to live their life their way more than the man who agrees with everything they say. Sure they may complain their boyfriends aren't sentiment or in touch with their feelings but underneath they like it.

So how do you become a challenge? You can't take this too far or you will end up being dumped very quickly which I am guessing is not the result you are looking for. If you think your partner is taking you for granted, become a little less available. The next time she rings or texts to arrange last minute plans be unavailable. Have alternative arrangements in place even if it means you are washing your car. She will slowly get the message that you have a life and while she is important to you, your letting her know just because she calls - your not …