Jan 30, 2010

If You Never Want a Divorce - Then Don't Think about It

Absolutely no one comes into their marriage looking to fail. A lot of couples don't desire divorce due to the fact they feel that it equals failure. New facts and figures currently claim that if divorce seriously isn't thought about when issues arise in a marriage that couples can resolve their problems and also have a stronger marriage.

If you are having problems and are thinking about separation and divorce, always try to find alternatives that encourage repairing the problems by way of open and truthful communication or marriage counseling. This is preferable over the pain and effort associated with divorcing your spouse.

When others hear that you're having marriage trouble, quite a few couples receive unsolicited advice coming from friends and coworkers that they truly don't desire. Divorce to others may be seen as a quick fix when in truth it could simply add to your problems instead of fixing them. As you value the support and advice offered by your family members, keep in mind that this is your marriage, not theirs.

By looking at statistics, 80 percent of interviewed couples who at one time thought about divorce and subsequently made the decision not to proceed through with it claimed to be happily married years later. This can be defined by two possible outcomes. The very first is that the couples who previously were considering divorce decided to deal with their problems directly. In doing so, it not only acknowledged their problems but it may have resulted in their finding effective solutions that saved their marriage.

The second is that when divorce was considered that it could change the whole dynamic of the relationship. For many couples this could be a good thing or it could be damaging to others. If a problem develops, those people considering a divorce or separation might see this as a easy way out without ever coping with the problem directly. If these problems grow or the issues faced become more divisive, the option of divorce can be seen as an easy out and therefore become quite tempting.

However, for those who did not consider a divorce may find some success. They are forced to deal with their problems, and possibly discover a constructive solution and common ground. Although this can be hard work and it is not as easy as a divorce appears to be in fixing problems, working together and dealing with issues are usually considerably more rewarding.

Marriage is a team of 2 players. Whenever both players are actively working towards solutions to their problems and eliminate divorce or separation as an option, resolutions can be found for his or her differences. This will strengthen their marriage divorce as a possible option and resolve to work through your differences, you can make your marriage work. It will give you the motivation to work to enhance your relationship through understanding and communication. By listening to each other and discovering ways to compromise that benefit the both of you; you can create a marriage that will last for a long time.

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