What Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend When the Relationship Is Serious

When you first get into a relationship, you are simply excited about your new love. You will often avoid many important relationship topics and conversations when you first fall in love with someone. With that being said, there are multiple questions and topics that should be covered by these who are in a more serious relationship. These are some of the serious questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend as you relationship continues to get more serious.

What Do You Think about Kids?

If you find that your relationship is getting more and more serious, you need to start thinking about your future goals. If you are dead-set on having a kid, and your boyfriend/girlfriend is dead-set on not having children, you may have an issue. While it may not be grounds to break up right away, it is something to keep in the back of your mind as you find your relationship to be more serious.

Is This Long Term?

You need to be upfront with your boyfriend/girlfriend about your wants and needs. IF you are looking for a long-term relationship, you need to tell them this. They will then be able to tell you whether or not they are on the same page.

What Are Your Thoughts on Monogamy?

It is important to be on the same page as far as monogamy is concerned. You need to ask this relatively soon. Be clear and firm about your stance on the issue, and make sure that you clearly understand their thoughts on monogamy as well.

Am I a Priority?

Talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend about their priority list. While you should not expect to be first on the list of priorities, you should not be last. Find out where you rank in their life to fully understand how committed they are to you and your relationship.

Do You Love Me?

This simple question may seem pointless, and may not seem serious. This question can actually have a strong purpose. When you ask your boyfriend/girlfriend if they love you, you are reaffirming their feelings. Sometimes, it is simply good to be verbally reassured that they love you and care about you.

Are You Willing to Work for Our Relationship?

Relationships are not easy to maintain. They require work and patience to be successful. You need to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend about your relationship to understand if they are willing to do the work necessary to maintain a good and healthy relationship.

It is important to space these questions out, do not ask them all at once. While you want to have serious talks, you do not want to bombard your boyfriend/girlfriend with serious questions. IT is also important to keep an understanding tone while talking about these questions. An accusatory tone can ruin your relationship.

You should be asking these questions to understand your mate. You need to think about serious questions to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to ensure that you are not surprised by something later on in your relationship.

Note: When you are involved in a serious relationship, we sometimes forget to ask these question above at the beginning of the relationship and wait to late to try to change things, when it doesn't go our way.


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