Things Ive Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me

Things I've learned from women who've dumped me, have actually helped me save my current relationship. Why? Well, basically all partnerships are the same in that if you do not have certain components they will fail. It doesn't matter how good looking or how wealthy you are. Your relationship will fall apart.

If I hadn't been educated by my previous girlfriends I wouldn't have learned some valuable lessons. For example, I wouldn't know that I should always tell the truth even when it makes you a little uncomfortable. You see if you are always honest, then she will trust you. Trust is a huge part of a successful partnership.

I wouldn't know that I have to talk about how I feel. OK, I am not a saint. I cannot be like most women in that I still don't feel comfortable chatting for hours on end about my feelings. But I know that I have to explain how I am feeling and not just expect her to guess. I also need to ask her how she feels about certain things and listen to her response. My job is not to fix her life and it will wind her up if I try. My job is to be there to listen and act as a sounding board and only offer a solution if I have been asked.

Other things I've learned from the women who've dumped me is that if I tidy up around the house, I win brownie points which can be exchanged for sexual favors later. I have also realized that sending one flower a day for seven days is more romantic than a bunch of red roses. Making her breakfast in bed or having dinner on the table when she gets home from work tells her I love her louder than me just saying it.

I have also learned that just because she cuddles up to me when we are in bed doesn't mean that she wants to make love. Sometimes she just wants a cuddle and I need to respect that and not take offense. I have also realized that I can't just think she is the sexier than Be'yonce. I need to tell her and not just when I want more than a cuddle!

It is funny how often previous relationships I was in broke up for similar reasons. I thought I was doing everything right but I invariably got dumped for ignoring my girlfriends or not trying to understand them. I would have continued being a failure at relationships if I hadn't invested in a couple of books and courses designed to help me understand what makes a great partnership.

Now I couldn't be happier and so too is my wife. Things I've learned from women who've dumped me have really helped me to be better in my current relationship - how can they help you?


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