How To Win My Love Back Even If They Cheated

How often has one of your friends asked "how to win my love back?" Or perhaps you are asking this question for yourself personally.

The good news is that it is easier to make someone fall in love with you again then it was for the first time. When you have already been partners, you have a shared history. Sure not all of this time will have provided great memories but some of it will. You just need to get working on the good stuff and let the bad dwindle away.

I have assumed that you didn't lose your partner's love and affection by doing something silly like having an affair, emotionally or physically. Having an affair will damage any relationship but it doesn't need to be the end. It can be an automatic reaction i.e. he had an affair so therefore I am leaving. But when you think about it, does the fact he slept with someone else really mean that you should end something that was good for most of the time.

Of course it will depend on the details. If he had a one night stand and is now full of remorse that is one thing. But if he has been having an affair for a long period of time, that is a completely different ballgame. The one night stand is easy sex, the long term affair is emotional betrayal and lying both of which hurt a lot more. The second option will do a lot more damage to your partnership.

But it still doesn't have to be the end. Affairs happen for all sorts of reasons and so long as it hasn't been a pattern through your whole relationship you can fix things if you want to. But if you were the other woman when you met, and now he has moved onto another person then you are in trouble. That is the problem when the mistress becomes the wife. She often creates a vacancy which must be filled!

So how to win your love back? You need to educate yourself on how to make the most of your relationships. Because people get together every day, we often just assume that this is something we should know how to do. After all they do not teach the secrets of successful relationships at school.

Well they don't teach money management either yet both are very necessary skills for leading a happy life. So get yourself an education. Start reading and listening to all the information you can on how to rekindle past love. How to build successful relationships and have happy marriages. There is no end to the amount of information available. Just be sure you pick a course that has been used by many happy customers who have been so pleased with their results, they have posted testimonials to the effectiveness of the course.

In no time at all you will no longer be asking how to win my love back and will probably find your friends are now looking to you to help them achieve the happiness you have.


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